Top 10 5G stocks: Who will be 5G & Edge winners in 2021?

Top 10 stocks 5G and edge companies best positioned for 2021- TeckNexus
Top 10 5G & Edge Vendors best positioned for 2021
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    The top 10 5G & Edge companies well-positioned to be winners in 2021, based on our analysis of 5G technology footprint, market traction, and stock information of 500+ companies related to 5G, are listed below.


    As of Jan 2021, there are 150 live 5G network deployments globally, across 61 countries. Several countries have planned mid-band and high-band spectrum auctions planned for 2021, indicating the continuous momentum for 5G network rollouts as we head into 2021.

    5G network operators have already started to deliver on the multi-gigabit per second peak rate promise. The applications that would drive the 5G industry growth are the 5G vertical industry 4.0 applications that need the 5G connectivity to deliver the ultra-low latency response time, ultra-high reliability, and ultra-high density to support billions of connected devices.


    Ericsson | Top 10 5G network equipment and technology company

    Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson is a Swedish multinational networking and telecommunications company headquartered in Stockholm, providing 5G hardware, software, and services to service providers.

    5G Technology Portfolio

    Ericsson’s key 5G platform capabilities include:

    Ericsson’s Radio System – enables migration from existing 4G LTE networks to 5G networks. It comprises 5G equipment, software, and services for radio, RAN compute, antenna system, transport, power, enclosure, and site solutions – all run by a common management system.

    Ericsson’s 5G Core – offers a multi-access and programmable cloud-native network. It combines EPC and 5GC network functions into a common cloud-native platform for efficient TCO and a smooth migration to 5G.

    Ericsson 5G spectrum sharing – re-uses hardware/spectrum/sites, increasing mid/high band coverage. It offers a clear path to 5G stand-alone, allowing operators to shift CapEx investments from new sites to new 5G stand-alone use cases. 

    5G Service Automation – simplifies operations with a multi-domain orchestrator, AI-powered closed-loop assurance, automated onboarding and continuous deployment, network slicing automation, unified product & service catalog.

    5G Carrier aggregation – extends the coverage and capacity of mid and high-band spectrum via Ericsson’s advanced RAN coordination 

    5G Market Traction

    Ericsson has 122 commercial 5G agreements with service providers, 71 publicly announced 5G contracts, and 77 live 5G deployment globally, as of Dec 2020.

    Sample 5G wireless operators that have live 5G deployment on Ericsson’s network equipment and solutions include AT&T, China Telecom, Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telefonica, Verizon, and Vodafone.

    5G Stock Information

    • Stock Exchange – Nasdaq Stockholm (ERIC-B) and on NASDAQ in New York (ERIC)
    • Market Cap – $39.8 Billion 
    • PE Ratio – 25.70 
    • Current Price – $11.94
    • 52 week range – $6.15 – $12.61



    Nokia | Top 10 5G network equipment & technology company

    Nokia Corporation is a Finnish multinational networking and telecommunications company headquartered in Espoo, Greater Helsinki metropolitan area, providing 5G equipment, software, and services to service providers and enterprises.

    5G Technology Portfolio

    Nokia’s key 5G Radio, Transport, and Core solutions include:

    AirScale Radio Access Portfolio – offers a modular approach to building networks delivering extreme capacity, massive connectivity, and ultra-low latency required for 5G services. It also supports all radio access technologies, including 4.9G, enabling service continuity with 5G networks.

    Airscale Cloud RAN – provides the scalable capacity, network efficiency, and technology flexibility you need for the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G.

    Small cells and femtocells – improves capacity and coverage in urban and rural areas, indoors and outdoors. The solution includes Airscale microRRH, mmWave radio, Flexi zone, industrial-grade private wireless, and services for HetNets.

    Nokia 5G Anyhaul provides a single transport architecture for microwave, IP, optical, and broadband bringing flexibility and scalability to the transport layer.

    Cloud Packet Core – includes cloud mobility manager for scale & signaling capacity and cloud mobile gateway for flexibility and performance for 5G services.

    5G Market Traction

    Nokia has 138 commercial 5G agreements with service providers and 44 live 5G deployments globally, as of Dec 2020.

    Sample 5G mobile network operators that have live 5G networks on Ericsson’s network equipment and solutions include AT&T, Bell Canada, T-Mobile, Verizon, BT, O2, Orange, China Unicom, China Telecom, NTT Docomo, and Vodafone.

    5G Stock Information

    • Stock Exchange – Nasdaq Helsinki (NOKIA), NASDAQ in New York (NOK stock), Euronext Paris (NOKIA)
    • The Market Cap – $22.13 billion
    • PE Ratio – 27.03
    • Current Price – $3.93
    • 52 week range – $2.3400 – $5.1400


    Qualcomm | Top 10 5G chipset & technology company

    Qualcomm is an American multinational semiconductors and telecommunications products manufacturer headquartered in San Diego, California.

    5G Technology Portfolio

    Qualcomm 5G platform includes:

    Snapdragon 5G platforms – consists of a comprehensive modem-to-antenna system solution for 5G multimode devices to provide multi-gigabit speed, superior indoor and outdoor coverage, global roaming, all-day battery life.

    For 5G smartphones – Qualcomm Technologies Snapdragon 5G mobile platforms feature baseband, RF transceiver, and RF front-end components designed to intelligently work together, enabling devices to support the fastest cellular multi-gigabit speeds feasible so far.

    For 5G  always-connected PCs (ACPCs) – Qualcomm Technologies Snapdragon  5G compute platforms enable smarter, faster, sleeker ACPCs. It provides multi-day battery life on a single charge, brilliant graphics, and powerful performance.

    For 5G Automotive – Qualcomm Technologies Snapdragon Automotive 5G Platform provides highly accurate location positioning with a comprehensive, virtually anytime, anywhere 3D navigation solution. 

    For 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) – Qualcomm Technologies has developed a fully integrated high-power mmWave antenna module – Qualcomm® QTM527 mmWave antenna module. It offers fiber-equivalent performance at an extended range and enables carriers and OEMs to deliver 5G’s multi-gigabit speeds and ultra-low latency to a broader footprint.

    5G Market Traction

    Sample 5G smartphones using Snapdragon 5G mobile platform include Samsung (Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G phone, Galaxy S20 5G phone, Galaxy S20+ 5G phone, Galaxy Note10+ 5G phone, Galaxy A90 5G phone, Galaxy S10 5G phone), LG V50 ThinQ 5G, Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 5G, ZTE Axon 10 Pro 5G, OPPO Reno 5G and OnePlus 7 Pro 5G smartphone. Additionally, the Apple 5G iPhone 12 currently uses a Snapdragon X55 5G modem.

    5G Tech Stock Market Information

    • Stock Exchange – NASDAQ in New York (QCOM)
    • Market Cap – $167.82B 
    • PE Ratio – 32.75
    • Current Price – $148.38
    • 52 week range – $58.00 – $161.07


    American Tower | Top 10 Real estate infrastructure (tower, DAS, small cell) company

    American Tower is an American multinational wireless and 5G infrastructure company headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. One of the largest global Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) is a leading independent owner, operator, and wireless and broadcast communications real estate developer. 

    5G Technology Portfolio

    American tower portfolio includes:

    Build-to-Suit provides a site candidate information package for site analysis and selection. The site data package details the approved candidate sites, such as owner information, utility providers, zoning and permitting information, and preliminary site evaluations. It also includes complete tower construction management services.

    Backup Power provides continuous power to 5G applications via a turnkey & fully managed backup solution to keep the network up and running. 

    Connected Buildings provides enhanced wireless coverage with – building and venue small cells solution, distributed antenna systems (DAS), and carrier-grade wifi. 

    Communication Sites & Market Traction

    American Tower has 181,000 communications sites, including more than 41,000 properties in the US and 140,000 properties internationally. It recently acquired InSite Wireless Group, LLC, which has approximately 3,000 communications sites across the US and Canada. American Tower covers almost 90% of the US market with its contracts with Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. 

    5G Stock Market Information

    • Stock Exchange – NASDAQ in New York (AMT)
    • Market Cap – $99.708B Billion 
    • PE Ratio – 53.06 
    • Current Price – $224.46
    • 52 week range – $174.32 – $272.20


    Samsung | Top 10 5G devices, 5G network equipment, and semi-conductor company

    Samsung Group is a South Korean-based multinational company headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul. It comprises numerous affiliated businesses under the Samsung brand, such as Samsung Electronics and Samsung Engineering. 

    The key business areas include consumer electronics, IT and mobile communications, and device solutions (including chipsets).

    5G Tech Portfolio

    Samsung 5G Devices include 5G phones (Galaxy Note20, Galaxy S20, Galaxy A71, Galaxy Z Flip, Galaxy Z Fold 2, Galaxy S20 FE), 5G Tablets (Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7+), 5G Home Router, and 5G Chipsets (28 GHz Chipset and 5G Mode). 

    In the US, all major 5G network operators offer Samsung galaxy devices, including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and US Cellular.

    5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) solution – includes 5G home routers (CPE) for indoor and outdoor environments, 5G RAN & Core (5G mmWave Access, 5G Sub-6 GHz Access, Virtualized Access, and Core). Verizon launched its 5G Home network service with Samsung’s 5G commercial solution in the US. 

    Samsung’s massive MIMO solution is expected to provide gigabit level speeds and inter-band FDD carrier aggregation with downlink support for 256QAM enabling operators to increase network capacity without buying additional spectrum or to add additional base station sites.

    5G smart factory solutions – has been deployed in both US (with AT&T) and Korea (with Korea Telecom) in its factories via full end-to-end 5G solutions, in conjunction with AI, robotics, massive IoT, and mixed reality technologies. The key use cases supported include industrial IoT for automated material handling systems, robot equipment monitoring and maintenance, worker safety, and training assurance.

    5G Stock Market Information

    • Stock Exchange – Korea stock exchange (KSE) 
    • Market Capitalization – 557.552T South Korean Won 
    • PE Ratio – N/A 
    • Current Price – 83,000.00 South Korean Won
    • 52-week range – 42,300.00 – 84,400.00 South Korean Won


    Microsoft Azure | Top 10 Edge computing and technology company

    Microsoft Azure is a leading global cloud infrastructure platform consisting of interconnected 160+ physical data centers distributed in 60+ regions, with more than 170 POPs, 130,000 miles of fiber optic and undersea cable systems providing connectivity from datacenter to cloud at 100 Gbps via Azure ExpressRoute. 

    5G & Edge Technology Portfolio

    Microsoft portfolio includes the below 5G and Edge offerings for Communication Service Providers:

    Azure Edge Zones – connects the Azure services directly to the 5G networks in the operator’s data center. It enables developers to build applications requiring ultra-low latency, such as online gaming, remote meetings, and events. Sample operators expanding their collaboration with Microsoft Azure include AT&T, Etisalat, NTT Communications, Proximus, Rogers, SK Telecom, Telefonica, Telstra, and Vodafone Business.

    Azure Private Edge Zones – is a private 5G/LTE network combined with Azure Stack Edge on-premise to deliver ultra-low latency, high-bandwidth, and secure solutions. Sample scenarios that can leverage Azure private edge zones include smart factory/IoT use cases, logistics and operations for retail customers, and smart grids at hospitals for remote diagnostics.

    vEPC (Virtual Evolved Packet Core via Affirmed Networks acquisition), which supports 5G NSA (Non-Stand Alone), CUPS (Control and User Plane Separation), network slicing integrated virtual probe, virtualized DPI, GiLAN, analytics and security services, virtualized Wi-Fi, automation and orchestration capabilities.

    Fusion Core via Metaswitch acquisition – solution for enterprise 5G/4G networks using CBRS, LTE-U, and NR-U comprising 5G user plane function, control plane functions, network orchestration, and automation capabilities. 

    Stock Information

    • Stock Exchange – NASDAQ in New York (MSFT)
    • Market Cap – $1.646T
    • PE Ratio – 35.12
    • Current Price – $217.69
    • 52-week range – $132.52 – $232.86


    AWS | Top 10 Edge computing company

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a leading global cloud infrastructure platform with 77 availability zones in 24 geographic regions, 5 local zones, and 12 wavelength zones for low-latency applications, serving 245 countries. 

    5G & Edge Technology Portfolio

    AWS portfolio includes the below 5G and Edge offerings for Communication Service Providers:

    AWS wavelength – combines the high bandwidth and ultra-low latency of 5G networks with AWS compute and storage services enabling developers to build high-performance mobile edge computing applications. Sample 5G applications that can leverage AWS wavelength include game streaming, interactive live video and event streaming, AR/VR applications, in-car telematics, and industrial automation.

    AWS wavelength zones are AWS infrastructure deployments that embed AWS compute and storage services within an operator’s data centers at the edge of the 5G network. So application traffic from the 5G device can reach servers in the wavelength zone without leaving the operator’s network. AWS wavelength zones are available in 10 cities within the US with Verizon, Tokyo, Japan with KDDI, and Daejeon, South Korea with SKT.

    AWS local zones – places AWS compute, storage, database, and other services close to the end-users in a specific geography, enabling them to run applications that need single-digit millisecond latency.

    AWS outposts – allows customers to compute and storage on-premises for meeting the latency requirements.

    AWS snow family comprises AWS snowcone, AWS Snowball, and AWS snowmobile. It offers several physical devices, capacity points, and built-in computing capabilities to support applications that require increased capabilities and performance at the edge. Sample use cases that can leverage snow family include IoT for manufacturing and healthcare and private LTE/5G network deployments.

    5G Stock Market Information

    • Stock Exchange – NASDAQ in New York (AMZN)
    • Market Capitalization – $1.599T
    • PE Ratio – 93.17
    • Current Price – $3,186.63
    • 52-week range – $1,626.03 – $3,552.25


    MediatekTop 10 Semiconductor company

    MediaTek is a Taiwan-based multinational fabless semiconductor company headquartered in Hsinchu. It builds chips for smartphones, smart TVs, voice assistant devices, android tablets, optical and blue-ray DVD players.

    5G Technology Portfolio

    MediaTek’s 5G technology portfolio includes Dimensity 5G chip family, T700 modem, T750 5G chipset, and Antus chip.

    The Dimensity 5G Chip family includes – Dimensity 1000+, which is a 5G-integrated chip for smartphones with several technologies and upgrades for gaming, video, and power-efficiency; Dimensity 700, which is a 5G smartphone chipset with 7nm SOC (System-on-Chip) for mass-market 5G smartphones, and Dimensity 800U which provides 5G-CA (Carrier Aggregation), ultra-connectivity, and Dual-SIM.  

    The T700 modem supports non-standalone and standalone Sub-6 5G network architectures to deliver faster speeds and more reliable connectivity to the next generation of Intel-powered PCs. T750 5G chipset supports fixed wireless access routers and mobile hotspot CPE devices. Its Autus chip offers reliable 4G/5G cellular, mmWave Radar, infotainment, telematics, and supports V-ADAS (Vision Advanced Driver Assistance System).

    5G Stock Market Information

    • Stock Exchange – Taiwan Stock Exchange (2454.TW)
    • Market Capitalization – 1.252T New Taiwan dollar
    • PE Ratio – 38.60 
    • Current Price – 792.00 New Taiwan dollar
    • 52-week range – 273.00 – 798.00 New Taiwan dollar

    Mediatek is utilizing the Sky5™ suite from Skyworks Solution for their 5G reference platforms. Skyworks solutions’ 5G front-end architecture is combined with MediaTek’s 5G baseband chipset to deliver integrated solutions targeting open market mobile products. 


    CellnexTop 10 Real estate infrastructure (tower, DAS, small cell) company

    Cellnex is Europe’s leading independent wireless telecommunications operator and 5G infrastructure, headquartered in Barcelona, Spain.

    5G Technology Portfolio

    Cellnex’s Distributed Antenna System (DAS) and small cells provide DASaaS services (DAS as a service) with a comprehensive approach to improve coverage and repeatability of the radio signal in specific areas. It currently manages – some  2,000 multi-system and multi-operator nodes in the main areas with the highest traffic, such as Airports, shopping centers, urban centers, buildings, hospitals, hotels and resorts, metro lines, palaces of congresses, rail transport, and sports venues, among others.

    Communication Sites and Market Traction

    Cellnex has 60,000 communications sites across Italy, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Ireland, Portugal, and Spain. Recent acquisitions include 7000 sites from mobile operator Play (in Poland), 60% of Metrocall – neutral mobile operator in Madrid metro, and Nos Towering from the Portuguese mobile operator NOS.

    BASF (chemical company) and Cellnex announced an agreement to deploy the first private 5G network in a Spain chemical plant. Cellnex will be in charge of installing and deploying this private 5G network at BASF’s production center in La Canonja, Tarragona, for various industrial use cases.

    5G Stock Market Information

    • Stock Exchange – Spanish Stock Exchange (Mercado Continuo Espana – CLNX.MC), selective IBEX35 and EuroStoxx 600, and the MSCI Europe index
    • Market Cap – Euro 24.76 Billion 
    • PE Ratio – N/A 
    • Current Price – Euro 50.90
    • 52-week range – Euro 33.40 – 57.86


    Google | Top 10 Edge computing company


    5G & Edge Technology Portfolio

    Google 5G & Edge portfolio includes Google 5G phones (Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a) and Anthos Platform for Telecom.

    Google Anthos for Telecom is a platform for delivering workloads to the network edge on Google cloud. Google partnered with 30+ application providers to deliver 200+ partner applications at the edge with 5G. The key partners include:

    • For Industrial IoT and manufacturing – Ayla Networks, Dematic, Dianomic, Litmus, Nex, Siemens Advanta, Techolution
    • For Media and Entertainment – Broadpeak, Firstlight Media, Harmonic, Motojeannie, MediaKind,, Synamedia
    • For Retail – Qwinix, Trax, Trigo, Zebra Technologies
    • Horizontal solution providers – Apptium, Cellwize, DigitalRoute, Equinix, Expeto, Guavus, Headspin, Infovista, Magic Leap, MobileEdgeX, Palo Alto Networks, RIFT,, Thales

    Google also has a partnership with AT&T and Telefonica to deliver a portfolio of 5G and mobile edge computing solutions.

    5G Stock Market Information

    • Stock Exchange – NASDAQ in New York (GOOG)
    • Market Capitalization – $1.169T
    • PE Ratio – 32.39
    • Current Price – $1728.24 
    • 52-week range – $1,013.54 – $1,847.20

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    Bwtech is a company focused on software development and integration of solutions for mobile operators and regulators. It provides solutions for more than 20 major carriers across Latin America, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe. NetChart, Bwtech’s main solution, is a cloud-based tool for end-to-end monitoring and optimization of mobile networks. It has Configuration

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    RADCOM (Nasdaq: RDCM) is the leading expert in cloud-native, automated service assurance solutions for telecom operators transitioning to non-standalone and standalone 5G networks. RADCOM ACE is an automated 5G assurance platform that seamlessly integrates with Kubernetes to provide a closed-loop approach to assurance for Non-Standalone (NSA) and Standalone (SA) 5G. Being Service Based Architecture (SBA)

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    Seashore Networks

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    arQana Technologies

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    NFWare develops high-performance VNFs which are based on a brand-new technology for fast packet processing. We provide level of performance and reliability which was historically associated only with proprietary hardware. Our solutions are purpose-built to be deployed on standard x86 servers and designed for virtualized and cloud environments. NFWare’s product portfolio includes Virtual Carrier-Grade NAT

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    CableFree: Wireless Excellence

    CableFree: Wireless Excellence designs and manufactures a complete range of Wireless Communication products including 5G & 4G Infrastructure solutions. The CableFree range includes advanced Software-Defined 4G & 5G LTE Macro & Small Cell Base Stations for ultra high performance & flexibility. CableFree also offer Microwave, Millimeter Wave, Free Space Optics and MIMO Radio backhaul plus

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