Unleashing the Power of 5G Analytics – Driving Cost Savings and Revenue Generation Strategies

Explore RADCOM's whitepaper 'Unleashing the Power of 5G Analytics' to understand how telecom operators can drive cost savings and revenue with 5G. Learn about NWDAF's role in network efficiency, innovative use cases, and analytics monetization strategies. Download now for key insights into optimizing 5G network performance.
Unleashing the Power of 5G Analytics - Driving Cost Savings and Revenue Generation Strategies | RADCOM Whitepaper

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Welcome to our comprehensive whitepaper on 5G analytics, presented by RADCOM. The whitepaper, “Unleashing the Power of 5G Analytics: Driving Cost Savings and Revenue Generation Strategies,” is an essential read for telecom operators and industry professionals looking to navigate the complexities and opportunities of 5G networks. It offers an in-depth insight into leveraging data analytics for optimizing network performance, enhancing customer experiences, and driving business growth in the 5G era.

What You Will Learn:

  • Expanding 5G’s Reach: Understand how telecom operators can target enterprise customers and develop new services for various market verticals.
  • 5G Complexity and Network Efficiency: Learn about the challenges posed by the complexity of 5G networks and strategies to ensure efficiency and reliability.
  • NWDAF and Analytics Integration: Discover the role of Network Data Analytics Function (NWDAF) in simplifying 5G data analysis and enhancing network operations.
  • Innovative Use Cases and Customer Case Studies: Explore various use cases of NWDAF and real-world applications, including automated assurance, network slicing, and signaling storm prevention.
  • Analytics Monetization Strategies: Gain insights into internal and external monetization opportunities using 5G data analytics.
  • Flexible Deployment Models: Understand different deployment models for NWDAF that cater to diverse operational needs.

Sections & Chapters:

  1. Introduction | Expanding 5G’s Reach
  2. The Solution | Leveraging Unused Data for Better Insights
  3. Introducing the Data Analytics Function | NWDAF’s Role in 5G Analysis
  4. A Unified Architecture for Analytics | RADCOM’s Approach
  5. Customer Case Studies | RADCOM’s Efficacy in 5G Analytics
    • Automated Assurance
    • Network Slicing and SLA Assurance
    • Preventing Signaling Storms
    • Network Optimization
  6. Analytics Monetization | Turning 5G Data into Business Opportunities
    • Internal Monetization
    • External Monetization
  7. Flexible Deployment Models | Adaptable NWDAF Deployments
  8. Conclusion | Navigating the Future of 5G with RADCOM’s Solutions

Download Now: To gain a deeper understanding of how 5G analytics can enhance telecom operations and business strategies, download our whitepaper.

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