RADCOM (Nasdaq: RDCM) is the leading expert in cloud-native, automated service assurance solutions for telecom operators transitioning to non-standalone and standalone 5G networks. RADCOM ACE is an automated 5G assurance platform that seamlessly integrates with Kubernetes to provide a closed-loop approach to assurance for Non-Standalone (NSA) and Standalone (SA) 5G. Being Service Based Architecture (SBA) ready, the solution supports advanced 5G assurance capabilities for end-to-end visibility into the customer experience and service quality for 5G. RADCOM ACE includes the following containerized solutions: RADCOM Service Assurance, and AI-driven RADCOM Network Insights. Also, the solution can work with RADCOM Network Visibility a...

Empirix (InfoVista Company)

Empirix is the leader in end-to-end test automation and network and service performance monitoring, assurance and analytics. Our solutions deliver the transparency that development, QA, performance, operations, and quality teams need to quickly identify service-impacting issues, and their true root cause, within, and across, networks, services, devices and applications. By protecting the quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE) that end users have come to expect, churn is reduced and trust is maintained, if not bolstered. So whether you’re a service provider, contact center, or enterprise looking to reduce time-to-market, assure the performance of new technologies or services,...

Datacipher Solutions Pvt Ltd

Datacipher is a system integrator, professional services and consulting services powerhouse. We began our operations a decade ago and have grown due to excellent relationships with our clients. We started in Hyderabad, India as a small team, with just a few people, but today we have served world’s most successful businesses, our client base is span across multiple continents and almost all business verticals. We achieved our customer's confidence because of our fabulous technical team who enjoy working with complex networking projects. Our team’s specialty is to make the most complex networking problem into the simplest problem. We won many...

CHIME Developer

empowering engineers with self-development so they can independently create their own algorithms and apps and connect to the RAN through open APIs

CHIME Designer

5G Adaptive Configuration & Policies. Leverage live network design, serverless orchestration, & continuous policy.

CHIME Deployer

automate and accelerate 5G new site configuration & rollout

CHIME Optimizer

With CHIME you can eliminate complexity and leverage smart automation and management to enable your next generation network today. CHIME Optimizer is an ongoing automated network monitoring and optimization, improving mobility management, coverage, and capacity, and driving customer experience. Book Demo at :


Cellwize is all about enabling the networks of the future today. With CHIME, our cloudified and AI-driven RAN automation and orchestration platform, we enable mobile network operators (MNOs) to accelerate 5G network deployment and go-to-market, as well as the ROI on their network investments. Even in the most complex and dynamic of network environments, CHIME enables operators to be ready for 5G by connecting to any application and any vendor, as well as by co-creating on top of the platform, delivering unprecedented ease, speed, and agility. With the future of 5G already here, CHIME is helping leading MNOs all over...

Inmanta Service Orchestrator

AGILE END-TO-END SERVICE DELIVERY The challenge for telecom operators and service providers is delivering superb customer experiences while dealing with complex and heterogenous network, cloud and IT infrastructure. The end-to-end service orchestrator of Inmanta uniquely combines the must-have capabilities to get service delivery and network operations right. Minimize time to cash by automating on-demand service delivery across virtual and physical domains Reclaim control with open and vendor-agnostic architecture to integrate with any vendor Rapidly build feature-rich services and reduce TCO through intent-based programmability and thanks to high reusability Increase resilience and minimize network downtime triggered by human errors thanks to...

Altiostar Networks

Altiostar provides a 4G and 5G virtualized RAN software solution that supports open interfaces and disaggregates the hardware from the software to build an open multi-vendor web-scale cloud-based network. This solution support macro and small cells, indoor and outdoor, enabling interference management, carrier aggregation and dual reception to improve the efficiency of the network and enhances the Quality of Experience for the user while providing broadband speeds. Using the Altiostar Open vRAN Solution, operators can add intelligence, quickly adapt the software for different services and automate operations to rapidly scale the network. Vision Our objective is to provide mobile network...

Remote Diagnostic Procedure using 5G Connected Ambulance

Overview of the remote diagnostic procedure using 5G connected ambulance British Telecom (BT) and University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust (UHB)  demonstrated UK's first remote diagnostic procedure using a 5G connected ambulance. This use case demonstrates how technology such as 5G, augmented reality, virtual reality, robotics can be combined with clinical expertise to enable remote diagnostics and link field practitioners with surgeons or consultants in real-time. Wearing a specially equipped VR headset, the clinician is able to visualise exactly what the paramedic sees in the ambulance. Using a joystick, they are then able to remotely direct the paramedic in real-time to...

Remote-controlled ultrasound scan over public 5G network

Overview of the remote-controlled ultrasound scan over public 5G network British Telecom (BT) , University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust (UHB) , Medical Devices Testing and Evaluation Centre (MD-TEC), WM5G and jointly demostrated remote-controlled ultrasound scan over public 5G network. The demonstration simulates a paramedic in the field performing an ultrasound scan on a patient, under the remote guidance of a clinician who is able to interpret the ultrasound image in real-time. The ultrasound sensor is manipulated locally by the paramedic under the remote direction of the clinician. This is done using a joystick operated remotely by the clinician which sends...

Artificial Intelligence makes Smart BPM Smarter

This Catalyst looks to explore the how-to of a Smart BPM suite using as a structured toolset for framing and leading IT and business transformation programs in the service provider context. 

Accelerating the shift from Communications Service Providers to Digital Service Providers

This Catalyst sets forth a vision for a data-driven digital transformation that combines advances in human science to design and optimize omni-channel customer experiences in real-time to provide the optimal next best action for customer interaction. Enabling technologies include: a Digital BSS overlay for fast and efficient provisioning of new digital services (including IoT services for industry verticals),a micro-services layer for scaling processes such as quote,contract and order management and a digital product catalog. The entire architecture is underpinned by streaming analytics and customer journey analytics that optimize AI algorithms (insight to algorithms) that ultimately help to redefine and re-purpose...

Wirtschaftswunder leveraging 5G for Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 will be one of the key consumers of 5G and Edge Automation. However, the traditional OSS will not be able to support the business agility required to onboard new xNF and services and perform closed-loop automation seamlessly. Industry 4.0 will bring a huge number of controllers and devices which will need to communicate with each other. It’s important to have the right solution to manage such a dynamic network considering the insights and entitlements or licenses and scale up and down as required. Phase 1 of this Catalyst was more focused on speeding up network kit onboarding leveraging...

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