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Welcome to our latest edition – a deep dive into the technological marvels of Open RAN and 5G. Join us as we unravel insider insights from Radisys Corporation’s CEO, explore the transformative CAMARA project, and highlight pioneering entities like the Telecom Infra Project, Small Cell Forum, and Open RAN Policy Coalition. Delve into the future of consumer engagement in the Spatial Web era and discover the intersection of AI, AR, VR, and edge computing. We invite you to explore, question, engage and help shape our shared digital future. Welcome to the discourse. Happy reading!
Discover how Radisys Corporation is shaping the future of Open RAN and 5G technologies. Embracing change and spurring innovation, Radisys is accelerating the deployment of flexible and integrated solutions, pioneering a new era in wireless communication. Learn how they are extending network coverage, deploying private 5G use cases, and championing energy efficiency. Explore Radisys’ strategic focus areas in partner collaboration and their extensive collaborations within the 5G ecosystem in our comprehensive article.
In the rapidly advancing world of 5G, small cell networks are leading the charge toward the growth of Open RAN. The small cell ecosystem has always been a champion of innovation, allowing new and established vendors to coexist. Now, organizations like the SCF and O-RAN Alliance are working together to face the challenges of creating a RAN that is not only multivendor but, in many instances, virtualized. By leveraging the lessons learned from early experiences of open networking, these organizations are creating blueprints to help mitigate risks for early adopters. As per SCF’s latest forecast, open vRAN architectures are set to account for over half of the small cell installed base by 2028, signifying a monumental shift in the industry.
SCF announced the winners of the SCF Industry Awards 2023 at an awards ceremony during Small Cells World Summit in London. The SCF Industry Awards is independent awards event supporting technical innovation in, and the deployment of agile, cost-effective, scalable, cellular infrastructure and solutions by established and emerging service providers.
Sateliot has launched the first satellite of a new LEO constellation to enhance 5G IoT coverage by merging satellite and terrestrial connectivity. The company aims for global coverage and massive IoT adoption with its innovative constellation.
Investors seeking to maximize their profits from the potential of 5G should consider a multi-pronged approach and invest in companies that provide 5G network equipment, tower infrastructure, semiconductors, and hyperscalers as well as 5G mobile network operators. Here are the top companies across the sectors that are leading global public/private network rollouts.
Get an in-depth view of the 5G Tower industry, along with macro cells, small cells, and distributed antenna systems. Who are the global tower industry leaders? What are their solutions and 5G strategies? What are the new offerings in the market? Technology comparison between macrocells, small cells, and different categories of small cells (i.e. femtocells, picocells, microcells). Thought leaderships interview and articles from ecosystem players, including from Small Cell Forum on how they are accelerating adoption of small cells with private network blueprints and more.
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