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How 5G is transforming the healthcare industry?

5G has been commercially deployed for almost two years now. Beyond the common use cases of video streaming, we have started to see its potential to impact the vertical industries, such as healthcare. Considering the Covid19 global pandemic, this is one vertical that requires urgent digital transformation.  This article looks at the Top 10 5G and Healthcare Use Cases to understand how 5G is transforming the Healthcare industry. Sample Industry 5G and Healthcare use cases Rush University is working with AT&T to bring the latest mobile communications technology to clinical care, based on 5G to improve communications, data processing needs,...

5G Services and Monetization Strategy

5G services were commercially launched almost an year back, in April 2019. In this one-year 5G journey, lets have a look at what were the 5G services launched globally by digital service providers and what has been there monetization strategy. We will also learn about what were the additional technologies that were leveraged in conjuction with 5G to deliver the services. Sample 5G services launched and/or demonstrated by global service providers include: Integrated Healthcare 5G service - AT&T is working with Rush University System for Health to explore technology-driven patient therapies, service robots using artifical intelligence, transmission of large image...

5G and Public Safety – Top 10 Use Cases enabling First Responders to SAVE MORE LIVES

We all know how first responders — firefighters, law enforcement, and emergency medical service personnel risk their lives every day to save ours. They are the real heroes. And in times of global corona pandemic, we have come to appreciate their value even more.  The first responders' key challenge is the lack of access to critical information in real-time in the field. 5G below characteristics are enabling first responders to respond in real-time in the field High throughput capacity — up to 10 Gigabits/second Ultra-low latency — as low as 1 millisecond High reliability — 99.999% availability Massive connectivity — 100x more connected devices/unit area (compared to 4G)  Better user...


Subex is a pioneer in enabling Digital Trust for businesses across the globe. Founded in 1992, Subex has spent over 25 years in helping global Communications Service Providers maximize their revenues and profitability. With a legacy of having served the market through its world-class solutions for business optimization and analytics, Subex is now leading the way by enabling all-round Digital Trust in the business ecosystems of its customers. Focusing on privacy, security, risk mitigation, predictability and data integrity, Subex helps businesses embrace the disruptive changes in the business landscape and succeed with Digital Trust.


Cellwize is all about enabling the networks of the future today. With CHIME, our cloudified and AI-driven RAN automation and orchestration platform, we enable mobile network operators (MNOs) to accelerate 5G network deployment and go-to-market, as well as the ROI on their network investments. Even in the most complex and dynamic of network environments, CHIME enables operators to be ready for 5G by connecting to any application and any vendor, as well as by co-creating on top of the platform, delivering unprecedented ease, speed, and agility. With the future of 5G already here, CHIME is helping leading MNOs all over...

5G-powered robot for responding to coronavirus

Overview of the 5G-powered robot for responding to coronavirus SK Telecom and Omron Electronics Korea have jointly developed a  5G-powered autonomous robot for responding against coronavirus in a systematic and efficient way. The 5G-autonomous robot leverages technologies such as 5G, AI, autonomous driving, and IoT to carry out diverse activities such as  Contactless temperature screenings for visitors Disinfection of the building Scanning for people not wearing masks Identify locations where people are gathered to stress the importance of social distancing  Contactless temperature screenings for visitors The robot is designed to detect and automatically moves towards incoming visitors to check their...

Artificial Intelligence makes Smart BPM Smarter

This Catalyst looks to explore the how-to of a Smart BPM suite using as a structured toolset for framing and leading IT and business transformation programs in the service provider context. 

Blade Runner (TMF)

Using 5G, augmented reality and multi-access edge computing to deliver enterprise services end-to-end. Modern networks are ushering in a new era of unlimited data and internet of things (IoT) use cases, such as smart cities, smart industries, connected cars and remote surgery. Aligned with modern cloud-based and software-defined networks, the Blade Runner Catalyst showcases how AI-based augmented reality can be used to support the maintenance of remote industrial equipment and vehicles, all facilitated by using the latest in multi-access edge computing technology.  The Catalyst uses the TM Forum Open Digital Architecture (ODA) at its core to demonstrate the need for...


Prodapt is a two-decade-old consulting & managed services provider, singularly focused on the telecom/DSP (digital service provider) ecosystem that helps clients transform their IT, products, operations, and networks to meet their strategic objectives. Prodapt provides end-to-end IT/software architecture consulting, application development, systems integration, testing, maintenance & support. Prodapt enables the digital transformation of its clients by designing and developing digital portals, mobile applications & end-user-based products for linear TV and OTT applications. Prodapt provides insights and thought leadership-led transformation services leveraging next-gen technologies such as RPA (robotic process automation), AI/ML (artificial intelligence/machine learning), SDN-NFV (software-defined networking/network function virtualization) and next-gen...

Smart Customer Assistance Platform

This Catalyst investigates how a communications or digital service provider (CSP or DSP) can automate customer service management by using natural language processing and artificial intelligence to offer personalized products to customers based on their profile, history of interactions and real-time network data usage. The idea is to use predictive and prescriptive analysis to reduce operational costs and enhance customer experience. Customers can engage through various channels like call centers, shops, chatbots, mobile app and email. The project concentrates on offering personalized products based on customers’ profiles, interactions history, and real-time network data usage. Predictive and prescriptive analysis techniques are...

5G Intelligent Service Planning & Optimization

This catalyst demonstrates how a movable 5G network that enables new immersive experiences can be dynamically planned, optimized, integrated and assured during the Tour de France. It will show dynamic service creation and planning along with reactive and proactive closed loop automation in conjunction with AI to provide the optimal experience.

AI for 5G billing data acceleration

This Catalyst explores the artificial intelligence response to 5G billing data acceleration. The project analyzes the basic consumption characteristic data of different users by introducing technologies such as AI, machine learning and edge calculation and simultaneously performs user portraits through user-specific consumer behaviours, for different users in different usage scenarios. It also provides personalized adjustments to personalized traffic quotas. Based on this, in the face of 5G high-speed and massive data, the edge splitting, processing and compression functions of edge calculation are used to realize the effect of ensuring that the original data is not damaged and the amount of...

AI for greener Telco

The AI-based LTE energy-saving project is jointly developed by China Telecom, AsiaInfo, NetScout, and DataSpark. It is expected to establish an intelligent LTE cell energy management and help the network operator reduce the operation and maintenance costs and operational carbon footprint. The solution extends to address energy efficiency in 5G network planning. The solution lies in the integration of AI-driven prediction of key KPIs, cell coverage compensation and user experience perception. There are 4 pillars of the whole solution: First is the LTE cell value assessment and predict based on an AI algorithm, trying multiple AI models and choose the...

Glaucus-Precision on Telco Data

In traditional wireless network operation and maintenance, silo data evaluation standards and interfaces, complicated cell situations, and manual troubleshooting has resulted in complex root cause analysis and delays in recovery. To deal with this challenge, our project explores the following solutions: Using unique data quality control technology, standardized data cleansing and quality analysis to process data from multi-vendor networks, making sure it is ready for AI model training;Based on the cell situation and distribution of KPIs, an AI model that combines single and multi-dimension indicators is selected, after evaluating multiple algorithms and in combination with experts’ input. An accurate anomaly...

Real-time Campaign with Big Data Monetization and Open API

The Integrated Operation Platform (IOP) designed by China Mobile, facilitates real-time campaigns in an open environment and provides partner interoperability. Internally, the IOP not only consolidates the CSP’s internal data sources in a highly efficient fashion, it also delivers these consolidated data to almost all its native channels for real-time campaign management. Externally, the IOP interconnects its business partners’ digital ecosystems and brings mutual benefits to all other parties, offering the CSP new ways of collaborating with business partners in domains like real-time campaigns, data monetization and business model innovation, thereby significantly boosting revenues. The IOP is built upon the...

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