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Public/Private 5G Network Use Cases

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Vodafone Germany partners with global chemical leader BASF to create a tailored 5G Private Network at BASF’s Lausitz production site in Schwarzheide. This venture marks a significant step in exploiting the full capabilities of 5G technology in industrial environments to boost operational efficiency and foster innovation.
Discover how Verizon Business is transforming the Port of Virginia with its latest 5G network expansion at Norfolk International Terminal, enhancing connectivity and operational efficiency in one of the USA’s largest shipping hubs.
Explore the groundbreaking partnership between Tele2 and Nokia as they empower AirForestry with an advanced 5G private wireless network. This pioneering project, utilizing electric harvester drones for sustainable forest management, showcases the transformative impact of 5G technology in remote forest thinning and harvesting. Discover how this initiative leads to enhanced environmental sustainability and operational efficiency in the forestry industry.
IS-Wireless collaborates with Riga Technical University to set up a state-of-the-art 5G Open RAN Laboratory. This venture aims to provide a robust network for both educational and expansive research purposes, heralding a new chapter in mobile network research and development.
Explore how Nokia and Jacto are pioneering the transformation of the agricultural machinery industry in Latin America by deploying the region’s first industrial-grade private wireless 5G network, turning the innovative 5G Smart Factory concept into reality.
Explore the Next Generation Mining project, a collaborative R&D initiative led by VTT, Nokia, and Sandvik, which harnesses the power of industrial 5G, edge intelligence, and digital twin technology to enhance safety and operational efficiency in underground mining environments.
TIM leverages 5G technology for a remote corneal surgery at Bari Polyclinic in Italy, opening new horizons for telesurgery
Betacom collaborates with UScellular to pioneer the industry’s first private/public hybrid 5G networks, propelling Industry 4.0 initiatives throughout the U.S.
Orange pioneers a private 5G network at the Aqaba container terminal in Jordan, promising transformative solutions for industrial zones, and bolstering the digital infrastructure and efficiency of the port.
Nokia deploys private 4.9G/LTE wireless network for Husky Terminal at the US Port of Tacoma, setting a benchmark for marine freight digital transformation.
Verizon collaborates with the Tennessee Titans to introduce enhanced 5G connectivity and managed private wireless network solutions, redefining fan experiences at Nissan Stadium.
Verizon introduces its cutting-edge Mobile Onsite Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) – a portable 10-foot trailer designed to deliver unparalleled private network, MEC, SD-Wan, and satellite services directly to clients. With its inaugural deployment at Lockheed Martin’s Colorado campus, the NaaS serves as a dynamic testing platform. Additionally, it doubles as a Mobile Lab for clients needing onsite application testing, further amplifying Verizon Innovation Labs’ customer-centric solutions.”
Utilizing private 5G wireless networks, the collaboration between Ericsson, AWS and Hitachi America R&D emphasizes the transformative power of real-time digital video, AI, and edge-to-cloud solutions, showcasing a future where operational efficiency, product excellence, and optimized supply chains redefine smart manufacturing.
Verizon Business has partnered with Pryor Creek Music Festivals to implement a secure, private 5G local-area network (LAN) for the Rocklahoma outdoor music festival, slated for Labor Day Weekend 2023.
Explore how EUROGATE collaborates with Telekom to harness the power of private 5G, revolutionizing container terminal operations. Dive deep into the transformative potential of Campus 5G, enhancing connectivity, efficiency, and paving the way for a digitized future in port logistics.
BMW introduces private 5G technology at its Spartanburg plant in South Carolina for streamlining the manufacturing processes with AI, robotics, and advanced scanning systems.
Telit Cinterion and Nestlé Brazil have successfully trialed private 5G for Industry 4.0 factory automation. A deep dive into the technical implications reveals the transformative potential of 5G in manufacturing
Ericsson and Vodafone have introduced a 5G Mobile Private Network (MPN) technology for the Irish Rugby Football Union (IRFU). This innovation offers swift, real-time data analysis, enabling superior communication and strategic decisions during matches, particularly as the team preps for the 2023 Rugby World Cup.
Deutsche Telekom AG and MIRA GmbH are collaboratively exploring the realm of teleoperated driving in Bonn. By leveraging 5G technology, this initiative seeks to elevate the efficiency of automated shuttle services, reduce idle times, and enhance vehicle usage. This project underlines the pivotal role of 5G in enabling real-time data transmission for remote vehicle operations. With Bonn at the forefront of sustainable mobility, this pilot signifies a significant step towards redefining transport’s future, emphasizing safety, efficiency, and sustainability.
UScellular and Ericsson are collaborating to introduce tailored private wireless network solutions spanning diverse industry sectors, including manufacturing, logistics, IIoT, and hospitals. This partnership marries Ericsson’s innovative Private 5G portfolio with UScellular’s premier connectivity services, offering clients an integrated solution for system installations and management. Building on a previously established relationship, both entities are committed to ensuring security, enhancing mobility, and delivering top-notch enterprise operations in sync with today’s dynamic industrial needs.
Virgin Media O2 Business has introduced a revolutionary plug-and-play 5G Standalone (SA) Private Network in the UK. This compact solution offers businesses immediate 5G connectivity without the traditional hassles and costs associated with network setup. Ranging from tech start-ups to large enterprises, organizations can now harness the power of a secure and fast 5G network. The product, integrated with Nokia’s advanced tech, facilitates real-time data processing and is poised to drive digital transformation across various industries. This innovation promotes 5G accessibility beyond urban areas, signifying a major leap in connectivity solutions.
“5G Advances in Bradley University’s Education” encapsulates a educational initiative as Bradley University partners with T-Mobile to introduce 5G Advanced Network Solutions. This step aims to enhance digital equity, boost student outcomes, increase operational efficiency, and foster innovative, connected learning experiences, thus preparing students for a digital-forward future.
Experience the revolution in airport operations as Aena and Cellnex Telecom pilot a 5G private network at San Sebastian Airport, laying the groundwork for advanced applications, improved efficiency, and sustainable service.
Deutsche Bahn, Ericsson, O2 Telefónica, and Vantage Towers partner to develop 5G infrastructure along train routes in Germany. With state funding, this project marks a pivotal step towards seamless mobile connectivity for railway passengers and forms part of the government’s broader gigabit strategy.
Ericsson and Telia collaborate to establish the first-ever enterprise 5G private network in the Baltic region, a move set to spur the area’s digital transformation. This development in Estonia will enhance business operations, drive innovation, and streamline the introduction of new products. The partnership aims to showcase the vast potential and benefits of 5G technology in improving business operations and accelerating the adoption of Industry 4.0.
Dallas Fort Worth International Airport announces a partnership with AT&T to enhance the airport’s wireless platform and critical infrastructure, with $10 million invested in upgrades, 200 new access points, and a private 5G network.
T-Mobile has partnered with Prisms of Reality (Prisms VR) to link virtual reality (VR) headsets effortlessly to 5G network, providing students and educators nationwide with engaging math and science lessons aimed at bridging the STEM opportunity gap. This collaboration is designed to benefit anyone interested in equipping students with innovative learning opportunities.
TERAGO has established Canada’s premier 5G MMwave private network for Industry 4.0 research at McMaster University’s new Manufacturing Research Institute (MMRI) in Hamilton, Ontario. Over the next three years, this network will enable researchers to test and develop advanced manufacturing technologies utilizing 5G MMwave capabilities.
In partnership with Ericsson and Saab, Purdue University Airport has unveiled a one-of-a-kind 5G network designed to function as a “lab to life” testing ground. This platform will enable academics, researchers, and businesses to create scalable commercial solutions aimed at enhancing operations and security for airports of varying sizes.
German chemical firm BASF plans to establish a private 5G network at a facility in Belgium’s Port of Antwerp, partnering with local networking expert Citymesh. This development, which follows a series of cellular-connected Industry 4.0 trials in the region, has been dubbed “the first private 5G network” in the port by local media.
Schneider Electric, Capgemini, and Qualcomm Technologies have announced their collaboration on a first-of-its-kind 5G-enabled automated hoisting solution. The three companies have joined efforts on the design and installation of the solution at Schneider Electric’s hoisting lab in Grenoble, France. Replacing wired connections with wireless and unifying existing wireless connections from Schneider Electric’s industrial automation system, the 5G Private Network solution demonstrates how it can simplify and optimize digital technology deployment at scale across industrial sites — from steel plants to ports.
DT’s new offer has standardized 5G campus network solutions. The end-to-end solution is based on Microsoft Azure’s private MEC platform, featuring an edge platform and networking capabilities that will allow your business to utilize modern connected applications. This concept was specifically designed with small and medium businesses in mind, as well as those who already have an established landscape of Azure products at their disposal.
Verizon Business and KPMG LLP have collaborated as part of their alliance relationship to deliver 5G solutions designed to help transform the healthcare and life sciences sectors. KPMG has now deployed Verizon’s Private 5G wireless network into its Ignition Center inside KPMG Lakehouse to further that collaboration. Building on top of this next-generation network, KPMG is creating a Healthcare Lab experience where clients can interact and experiment with the latest in healthcare technologies while helping to define their own future healthcare vision powered by Verizon 5G.
This project entails communication between multiple drones in mid-air and various interconnected urban elements for the successful delivery of a package to its designated mobile collection point. It combines multiple technologies – including 5G, C-V2X communications (the same technology employed in modern connected cars), RTK technology, and mobile location. This proposal, a part of Telefónica’s 5G Madrid project, has been made possible by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation through with co-financing from FEDER funds under the established call for 5G grants. To ensure the success of this project, Telefónica has partnered with Correos as their use case recipient and also teamed up with Gradiant, Ericsson, and Genasys.
Verizon’s Managed Private Wireless solution includes full in-game support for on field coach-to-coach communications.
Cellnex and Nokia to deploy private 5G network in ADIF logistics centers to boost digitalization, process automation, and cost reduction in rail freight transport.
Portland General Electric (PSE) partners with Expeto to accelerate grid modernization, renewable energy outcomes, and enhanced worker safety.
Verizon’s private 5G wireless network will enable use cases such as increased shop floor visibility, improved quality assurance and reduced defects, material handling automation, and workplace safety.
Bharti Airtel and Apollo Hospitals claimed that they have successfully conducted a 5G-driven Artificial Intelligence (AI) aided Colonoscopy trial in India. This trial was able to detect colon cancer more rapidly and precisely. HealthNet Global, AWS, and Avesha also collaborated to make this trial successful.
M1 and its subsidiary, AsiaPac Technology (AsiaPac), have joined forces with Keppel Data Centres to offer 5G Standalone (SA) connectivity and edge computing solutions for the National Museum of Singapore as well as the Children’s Museum Singapore, enabling them to create more tailored and personalized exhibits.
Vodafone Business and Porsche announced they constructed Europe’s first hybrid private 5G network. The coverage stretches over 700 hectares and allows secure LTE and 5G connectivity from both public and private networks on one site. Porsche 5G network is deployed at the Nardo Technical Center (NTC), situated in southern Italy’s Apulian region.
In collaboration with nexGWorx and MTC, BT successfully deployed a Release 15 5G network based on Nokia technology. What lessons does MTC’s 5G private network offer for legacy manufacturing?
Nokia will deploy its 5G-ready IP/MPLS multiservice, mobile core, and radio access network (RAN) solutions at Société du Grand Paris (SGP) to support the implementation of four automated train lines that link 200 kilometers of Paris and up to two million passengers a day. The contract builds on Nokia’s relationship with SGP following the deployment of an LTE wireless network system to provide critical network connectivity across three of the new Paris metro lines.
The world’s first demonstration of an automated driving application supported by 5G Standalone network slicing with controlled network features for QoS (Quality of Service) was announced by Deutsche Telekom, BMW Group, Valeo, Qualcomm, and Ericsson. The partners looked into how 5G SA network slicing with various QoS features can provide successful automotive use case scenarios.
Federated Wireless and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deploy private wireless at California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) to support the university’s 5G innovation network. The deployment will increase research capabilities, enhance bandwidth, and advance connectivity across the campus of San Luis Obispo, California.
Telecom Infra Project (TIP) introduces a blueprint for a cloud-native, scalable, and cost-effective private 5G network.
Fujitsu Limited will embark on a series of field trials together with Fujitsu Research Institute Limited at its Yokohama Data Center, aiming to promote the digital transformation of data centers, boosting operational resilience and process automation by utilizing private 5G network technology for equipment inspection.
Together with Combitech, Holmen Iggesund has launched a revolutionizing private 5G network that will enable Iggesund Mill to, step-by-step, become one of the most efficient and the most digitally advanced paperboard mills. This is the first step to connect the entire operations at the Iggesund Mill, and more areas will be included to secure the position as the most efficient and reliable mill in Sweden.