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TeckNexus - 5G for Healthcare | 5G Smart hospital

5G Smart hospital to improve Thailand’s healthcare system

Thailand has launched the "Siriraj World Class 5G Smart Hospital," billed as the region's first and largest 5G smart hospital to improve Thailand's healthcare system. This new digital health center in Bangkok will include several cutting-edge digital health solutions. The Hospital will be promoted to become a template for smart hospitals in Thailand and around the...
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5G Standalone and Cellular V2X
5GEdge and MECAutomotive

5G SA and Cellular V2X to reduce collisions – tests by Honda and SoftBank

Softbank, an operator in Japan, and Honda, an auto-company in Japan, started use-case-based testing with 5G Standalone and Cellular V2X to minimize collisions between vehicles and pedestrians. Target Use Cases for 5G Standalone and Cellular V2X The following are the three use cases for which SoftBank and Honda are conducting technology verifications. The team is...
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Kittilä mine deploys private 5G network with Nokia, Telia & Digita

In Finland, Nokia collaborates with Telia and Digita to deploy a private 5G standalone network at Kittilä mine (also known as Suurikuusikko mine). Kittilä mine is one of the largest producers of gold in Europe, owned and operated by Agnico-Eagle Mines Limited. The mine is 900km north of Helsinki and 150km north of the Arctic...
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Porsche's private 5G network controls robotics without cables

Porsche’s private 5G network controls robotics without cables

Porsche deploys a private 5G research network with Ericsson at its manufacturing factory in Leipzig, Germany. Porsche's focus is on safety-relevant data The focus of this first private 5G research network deployment in the production environment is on the development of functions that involve the exchange of safety-relevant data between vehicles. Use Cases: Control robotics...
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Volkswagen trials private 5G network with Nokia

Volkswagen trials private 5G network with Nokia

Volkswagen deploys a private 5G wireless network at Volkswagen's manufacturing plant with Nokia. The trial deployment covers the production development center and pilot hall at Volkswagen’s headquarters plant in Wolfsburg, Germany. Volkswagen trials private 5G to explore possibilities Nokia will test whether the private 5G wireless network deployment will meet Volkswagen's manufacturing plant's vehicle production...
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Ericsson US Smart Factory
5GARIoTVRIndustrial Automation

Ericsson Smart Factory: Sustainable and Energy-Efficient

Ericsson's smart factory based in Texas, US builts 5G and advanced antenna systems radios. The smart factory is 25% more energy-efficient, produces 17% of required power on-site via solar panels, uses 40,000-gallon tanks to collect & reuse rainwater, and reduces shipping distance up to 5 times. The World Economic Forum (WEF) recognized Ericsson as a...
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Tele2 and Foodora: How 5G, IoT, and Droid’s enable food deliveries in Stockholm?

Tele2, the Swedish telecom operator, and Foodora, the Q-commerce company, have entered into a partnership to pilot autonomous droids connected with 5G for food delivery. It is a first step towards the future of 5G and IoT-enabled home deliveries in Sweden.  Business drivers & existing challenges More people are stuck at home due to Covid-19,...
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SK Telecom 5G based robot for covid

5G-powered robot for responding to coronavirus

Overview of the 5G-powered robot for responding to coronavirus SK Telecom and Omron Electronics Korea have jointly developed a  5G-powered autonomous robot for responding against coronavirus in a systematic and efficient way. The 5G-autonomous robot leverages technologies such as 5G, AI, autonomous driving, and IoT to carry out diverse activities such as  Contactless temperature screenings...
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TeckNexus - 5G Use case Healthcare

Remote diagnosis of coronavirus

Overview of remote diagnosis of coronavirus China Telecom, ZTE and West China Hospital of Sichuan University, conducted remote diagnosis of the coronavirus via 5G based remote video consultation. According to the on-site situation, ZTE has employed its CPE equipment to commission 5G services by means of outdoor 5G signals while constructing indoor coverage points. On...
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5G use case - remote diagnostic procedure using 5g connected ambulance

Remote Diagnostic Procedure using 5G Connected Ambulance

Overview of the remote diagnostic procedure using 5G connected ambulance British Telecom (BT) and University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust (UHB)  demonstrated UK's first remote diagnostic procedure using a 5G connected ambulance. This use case demonstrates how technology such as 5G, augmented reality, virtual reality, robotics can be combined with clinical expertise to enable remote diagnostics...
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5G Use Case - transmit large files resize

Quickly transmit large imaging files

Overview of use case for quickly transmitting large imaging files AT&T and Austin Cancer Center, are leveraging 5G for quickly transmitting large imaging files. MRI, CAT, or PET scans and other image machines are typically very large files, and often must be sent to a specialist for review. When the network is low on bandwidth, the transmission...
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TeckNexus - 5G use case for healthcare - for hospice

Virtual Reality for Hospice Patients

Overview of the virtual reality for hospice patients AT&T and VITAS® Healthcare, the nation’s leading provider of end-of-life care, have launched a study that intends to combine 5G with virtual reality and augmented reality (VR and AR) to test if it can help reduce chronic pain and anxiety for certain hospice patients. The study aims...
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TeckNexus - 5G use case - remote ultrasound scan

Remote-controlled ultrasound scan over public 5G network

Overview of the remote-controlled ultrasound scan over public 5G network British Telecom (BT) , University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust (UHB) , Medical Devices Testing and Evaluation Centre (MD-TEC), WM5G and jointly demostrated remote-controlled ultrasound scan over public 5G network. The demonstration simulates a paramedic in the field performing an ultrasound scan on a patient, under...
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TeckNexus - 5G use case for healthcare - connected ambulance

5G Smart Ambulance – Remote Consultation Room

Overview of 5G smart ambulance for remote consultation Telefonica O2 partnered with Samsung, Visionable and Launchcloud for the trial of 5G smart ambulance use case enabling remote consultation. This project equips standard ambulance with state-of-the-art devices and connectivity creating a “Smart Ambulance” that simulates 5G connectivity, transforming the vehicle into a unique remote consultation room....
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TeckNexus - 5G use case for healthcare - immersive fan experience

5G Virtual Stadium – Immersive Fan Experience

Overview of 5G virtual stadium immersive fan experience Ooredoo Qatar, partnered with Ericsson and demonstrated 5G based virtual stadium immersive fan experience at the 2019 Amir Cup Final and grand opening of the Al Janoub Stadium, built to host the 2022 tournament. The South Stadium of Al Wakrah was equipped with Elastic Cloud Radio Technology...
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TeckNexus - 5G use case - smart ambulance - remote patient assessment

5G Connected Ambulance – Remote Patient Assessment

Scope of remote patient assessment via 5G connected ambulance Ooredoo Qatar, partnered with Ericsson and demonstrated remote patient assessment and ultrasound procedure inside an 5G connected ambulance using a special haptic glove controlled by a doctor remotely using a specially designed joystick. This use case provided a glimpse into how doctors could provide remote assistance...
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