As part of its plan for broader cost cuts, Meta Platforms Inc., the parent company of Facebook, is contemplating different divestiture options for Kustomer, the customer service software firm it acquired for $1 billion in 2020. Meta has not yet finalized its decision but is considering either spinning off the business or attempting to sell it, according to a source familiar with the matter.
In order to maximize revenue and add more value, operators must expand their connectivity offerings beyond speed and customer experience; they need to expand their footprint into edge cloud platforms and AI-based solution stacks. Doing this will help them secure a larger share of the potential profits.
There are specific areas from which telcos will mine the revenue. But the key 5G monetization strategy for telcos would be to invest in all 5G standalone (SA) network aspects. It will bring different ecosystem partners together, help upgrade charging models, strategize usage of telecom APIs, and launch network slices to tap enterprise customer segments. All these would be driven by bringing high-level end-to-end automation and a solid orchestration platform to start services to consumers quickly.
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