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Editorial Guidelines for Guest Content

Those contributing should be adept in the topics they plan to write about and are expected to create engaging, credible, and 100% original content.

Considerations before submitting content

  • Submissions to TeckNexus must be original pieces of work; any previously published material will not be considered.
  • The content needs to be accurate and relevant to our members.
  • We embrace different perspectives, ideas, and opinions.
  • Articles should be written with an informative rather than a promotional tone.
  • TeckNexus cannot guarantee a precise publication date or time.

Considerations while submitting the content

  • We kindly ask that all articles be submitted in a Word or Google docs format.
  • This article should consist of 800-1500 words to ensure it is comprehensive and engaging.
  • The content should be complemented by a featured image (600×314 px) sourced from royalty-free websites/organizations.
  • Remember to attach a professional profile photo (300×300 px) and include a comprehensive summary about yourself in your bio!
  • TeckNexus holds the definitive decision on whether or not to publish the submitted content.
  • For any issues, while submitting the article via the form on this page, please reach us at contact@tecknexus.com.

Considerations after submitting the content

  • The TeckNexus website will display published articles in relevant categories, and we may include them in upcoming editions of 5G Magazines, Future Connectivity issues, and our Newsletter.
  • We will expand the reach of your content by using our network to amplify it on several social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Flipboard, Google News, and beyond.

Submission Rules

Authors should have permission to post the articles they publish on TeckNexus. In addition, ensure that the submitted content is free of plagiarism. We respond to notices of alleged infringement as described in our Terms and Conditions.

Editing Rights

At TeckNexus, we reserve the right to modify submitted articles for various reasons, including accuracy and legal compliance. Such changes may include alterations in grammar or punctuation and additions such as headlines and captioning. All decisions are left at our absolute discretion.

By submitting content to TeckNexus, you are granting full permission for us to publish the work in any medium and region of our choosing– always with recognition given to you as its author.

By submitting content to TeckNexus, you acknowledge full responsibility for any potential errors or omissions and understand that TeckNexus will not be liable in any way. Additionally, we cannot guarantee a specific publication date due to dependant circumstances beyond our control.

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