NFWare Virtual CGNAT

NFWare Virtual Carrier-Grade NAT is an NFV-based virtual appliance designed to provide high performance, transparent address and protocol translation. It helps to extend the life of an IPv4 network infrastructure, mitigate IPv4 address exhaustion and provide a seamless migration to IPv6. High-Performance: 240 Gbps per one virtual machine, and up to 1Tb scalable solution Pay-as-you-go: no excess capacity and no excess cost of licensing NFVi integration: flexible integration due to principles of openness and flexibility


NFWare develops high-performance VNFs which are based on a brand-new technology for fast packet processing. We provide level of performance and reliability which was historically associated only with proprietary hardware. Our solutions are purpose-built to be deployed on standard x86 servers and designed for virtualized and cloud environments. NFWare’s product portfolio includes Virtual Carrier-Grade NAT and GiLAN Firewall, Virtual Load Balancer. Our customers are Tier-1 operators and Web Scale companies. We help service providers build networks with the flexibility and scalability that they need to be ready for 5G, the IoT, and the future of the digital world.

Programmable FTTx

To unlock the full potential of gigabit broadband, service providers need to build a scalable network which can launch new services on the fly. This can be achieved by building virtual networks wherein network resources can be re-configured on demand basis. Traditionally, this has required significant investment, and hence creating a massive roadblock for service providers. But today, with the maturity of cloud technologies, availability of open-source codes and abstraction of hardware from the software layer ensures this transition with minimal additional cost. At STL, we offer pFTTx which can virtualize last-mile network to enable flexible gigabit broadband. pFTTx is...

Sterlite Technologies Limited

STL is an industry-leading integrator of digital networks. We design and integrate these digital networks for our customers. With core capabilities in Optical Interconnect, Virtualised Access Solutions, Network Software and System Integration, we are the industry’s leading end-to-end solutions provider for global digital networks. We partner with global telecom companies, cloud companies, citizen networks and large enterprises to deliver solutions for their fixed and wireless networks for current and future needs. We believe in harnessing technology to create a world with next-generation connected experiences that transform everyday living. With intense focus on end-to-end network solutions development, we conduct fundamental research...

Datacipher Solutions Pvt Ltd

Datacipher is a system integrator, professional services and consulting services powerhouse. We began our operations a decade ago and have grown due to excellent relationships with our clients. We started in Hyderabad, India as a small team, with just a few people, but today we have served world’s most successful businesses, our client base is span across multiple continents and almost all business verticals. We achieved our customer's confidence because of our fabulous technical team who enjoy working with complex networking projects. Our team’s specialty is to make the most complex networking problem into the simplest problem. We won many...

Aarna Networks

Aarna Networks is a startup created in 2017 based in the San Francisco Bay Area that provides products and services around ONAP. We believe that 5G/MEC is a once in a generation disruption in the telecom industry that will transform every facet of the industry creating huge opportunities for all participants. Our team consists of open source experts that have worked on a variety of open source projects such as OpenStack, Kubernetes, Ceph and Cloud Foundry. We are active members in the ONAP community. The Aarna Networks ONAP distribution 3.0 (ANOD) is a 100% pure play open source supported version...

Blade Runner (TMF)

Using 5G, augmented reality and multi-access edge computing to deliver enterprise services end-to-end. Modern networks are ushering in a new era of unlimited data and internet of things (IoT) use cases, such as smart cities, smart industries, connected cars and remote surgery. Aligned with modern cloud-based and software-defined networks, the Blade Runner Catalyst showcases how AI-based augmented reality can be used to support the maintenance of remote industrial equipment and vehicles, all facilitated by using the latest in multi-access edge computing technology.  The Catalyst uses the TM Forum Open Digital Architecture (ODA) at its core to demonstrate the need for...


Prodapt is a two-decade-old consulting & managed services provider, singularly focused on the telecom/DSP (digital service provider) ecosystem that helps clients transform their IT, products, operations, and networks to meet their strategic objectives. Prodapt provides end-to-end IT/software architecture consulting, application development, systems integration, testing, maintenance & support. Prodapt enables the digital transformation of its clients by designing and developing digital portals, mobile applications & end-user-based products for linear TV and OTT applications. Prodapt provides insights and thought leadership-led transformation services leveraging next-gen technologies such as RPA (robotic process automation), AI/ML (artificial intelligence/machine learning), SDN-NFV (software-defined networking/network function virtualization) and next-gen...


We were founded on the success of our previous venture Pari Networks. That success has propelled us to dream something even bigger and more trans-formative. As networks transition from hardware to software and features transition to apps, we are catalyzing the speed of transition itself towards a programmable network. Success does not breed Success, without interspersing setbacks. We look forward to these opportunities to exploit and disrupt the traditional way of doing things. Our journey started two years ago, as we came together and set ourselves the goal of network connectivity not at the protocol level, but at the Application...

ECI Telecom

ECI delivers ELASTIC network solutions to service providers, utilities and data center/cloud providers worldwide. ECI’s ELASTIC network solutions ensure open, future-proof, and secure communications. Tailor-made for today, while being flexible enough to evolve with the changing needs of tomorrow.​ But what really sets us apart is the way we do it – beyond the role of a traditional vendor, we choose to partner with you to better understand your challenges and your needs, so that we can better serve you. Since 1961, our focus has been on you, our customer. Technology and innovation are the tools we use to help...

Self-Service, Agile, Orchestrated Cloudlink

With CloudLink, Zayo and Ciena (Blue Planet) have partnered to combine best-in-class SDN technology and trusted API integration with large CPs, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, and Zayo Cloud. This product evolution delivers the necessary agile, self-service, and elastic connectivity needed to enable a customer to rapidly provision private connectivity to the public cloud. These capabilities are showcased in this MEF18 PoC, which applies MEF’s LSO (Lifecycle Service Orchestration) architecture and open LSO APIs (Legato, Sonata, Interlude, and Presto) in a production environment to automate the end-to-end delivery of CE services across a...

Transformation in Action: Harmonizing Delivery of Intent-Based Networks & Services

This PoC focuses on building a transformational ecoystem that will: Automate services with zero-touch delivery and activation across multiple domains.Enrich the customer experience.Empower customers by defining policies for their assets and using natural language to set intent.Develop an assistant to manage customer personas and related interactions.Create a responsive network that is able to self-adjust and heal to meet customer and application driven requirements.Provide a homogenous experience across heterogenous networks, blending technologies by creating software-centric network services across multiple domains. The open framework for transformation includes intent, smart devices, an intent engine, orchestration, and an SDN-enabled network.

Okinawa Open Laboratory

The Okinawa Open Laboratory, a general incorporated association in Japan, was established in May 2013 with an ambitious mission: to promote the practical application and dissemination of next-generation ICT platform technologies, including software-defined networking (SDN), network function virtualization (NFV) and cloud computing using open-source software (OSS). The operation of the Okinawa Open Laboratory is being made possible through guidance and support of numerous partners and stakeholders, for which we are deeply grateful. ICT has developed at a blistering pace in recent years, with novel elemental technologies emerging in profusion. Applications, on the other hand, have lagged, with many issues awaiting providing...

Slicing the Edge

This MEF network slicing proof-of-concept (PoC), demonstrates how dynamic network slicing combined with compute residing at multiple locations on the edge can provide an enterprise customer with the same level of security, control and flexibility that they have in a LAN/Wireless LAN configuration without the reliance on shared and congested 2.4/5GHz spectrum or expensive physical infrastructure. The PoC shows multiple types of traffic, each with a dedicated portion of the carrier spectrum, routed to on-premise, network-edge and public cloud resources as required.

vSure NFV and SDN Assurance

NFV and SDN Assurance - Monitor and optimize virtual networks comprehensively In an SDN/NFV world, operators must have the ability to have end-to-end visibility, troubleshoot problems, have quick and flexible access to analytics, and automate optimization and remediation. Centina offers a production, go-to-market solution for operators looking to leverage the benefits of virtualization while improving network and service performance. vSure® offers holistic assurance of NFV and SDN assets and enables businesses to successfully operationalize virtual network investments. vSure monitors the application, virtual, and physical components independently and dynamically models the relationships between them providing a complete picture of how a disaggregated function...

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