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Deutsche Telekom AG and MIRA GmbH are collaboratively exploring the realm of teleoperated driving in Bonn. By leveraging 5G technology, this initiative seeks to elevate the efficiency of automated shuttle services, reduce idle times, and enhance vehicle usage. This project underlines the pivotal role of 5G in enabling real-time data transmission for remote vehicle operations. With Bonn at the forefront of sustainable mobility, this pilot signifies a significant step towards redefining transport’s future, emphasizing safety, efficiency, and sustainability.
Welcome to the era of 5G revolution with the CAMARA Project. This initiative exposes telco network capabilities via APIs, simplifying network complexity and providing benefits across telco operators and countries. It’s transforming the very fabric of telecom networks into robust service platforms, opening the door for enhanced service capabilities and fresh revenue streams for telecom providers. Dive into this article to learn about the CAMARA Project’s journey, its approach towards standardization and simplification, and its vision for the future. Explore now!
Deutsche Telekom and Ericsson have developed a secure 5G network slicing that directly connects to a private cloud, addressing enterprise concerns over adopting edge use cases. The proof-of-concept has significant implications for the future of 5G technology, particularly around network slicing, with the potential to provide premium, revenue-generating services. However, security concerns persist, highlighting the need for careful management of network slices.
DT’s new offer has standardized 5G campus network solutions. The end-to-end solution is based on Microsoft Azure’s private MEC platform, featuring an edge platform and networking capabilities that will allow your business to utilize modern connected applications. This concept was specifically designed with small and medium businesses in mind, as well as those who already have an established landscape of Azure products at their disposal.
The GSMA announced a new industry-wide initiative called GSMA Open Gateway, a framework of universal network Application Programmable Interfaces (APIs), designed to provide universal access to operator networks for developers. Launched with the support of 21 mobile network operators, the move is aimed at changing the way the telecoms industry designs and delivers services in an API economy world.
The world’s first demonstration of an automated driving application supported by 5G Standalone network slicing with controlled network features for QoS (Quality of Service) was announced by Deutsche Telekom, BMW Group, Valeo, Qualcomm, and Ericsson. The partners looked into how 5G SA network slicing with various QoS features can provide successful automotive use case scenarios.
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