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Frequently Asked Questions

As a free member, you can access diverse whitepapers covering topics such as 5G, Private Networks, Open RAN, Network Security, and related new industry developments, emerging trends, and solutions. These papers are designed to provide foundational knowledge and keep you updated on the latest in the telecom and technology sector. For details and to download, visit Whitepapers.

The yearly subscription to 5G Magazines provides comprehensive coverage of 5G and related technologies across telecom, technology, and various industry verticals. This includes exclusive insights from industry leaders and detailed analyses of market trends. As a tech professional, you have two options to access this invaluable resource:

  1. As a Premium Member of TeckNexus, Enjoy full access to all editions of 5G Magazines, along with a suite of additional benefits, including whitepapers, exclusive event discounts on research reports, partner events, sponsored content, and more.

  2. Through a Dedicated Magazine Subscription Package: Opt for a focused magazine subscription if your interest is primarily in our 5G Magazines. For details and subscription, visit 5G Insider Membership.

Both options offer a wealth of knowledge and insights, making them indispensable tools for staying ahead in a rapidly evolving field.

Yes, you can purchase books directly through our affiliate website, such as Amazon. We have partnered with leading publishers to offer a curated selection of tech-related books, ranging from in-depth technical guides to insightful industry analyses, catering to a wide spectrum of tech interests and professional needs.

Our research reports cover topics including 5G, private networks, and their impact across industry verticals. These include market trends, emerging technologies, and in-depth industry analyses. Purchasing these reports can significantly deepen your understanding of the industry, helping you make more informed decisions and stay ahead of the curve. For details visit Research Reports.

Premium members enjoy comprehensive benefits, including full access to all premium magazines, whitepapers, articles, and downloadable research reports, a yearly subscription to 5G Magazines, discounts on books, partner events, sponsored content in 5G Magazines and TeckNexus, and research reports. Additionally, they benefit from lead generation, newsletter promotion, social media amplification, featured content placement, auto-publishing features, and priority customer support.

Absolutely! We welcome contributions from industry experts. Your insights and expertise can greatly benefit our readers. Please find the link to upload content, which includes information on the process to become a contributing expert.

Membership Benefits

Premium Membership fees are assessed annually and are based on the number of employees in your organization, providing scalable yearly solutions suitable for businesses of any size.

For Premium Members (includes all Free Member benefits plus):

Download All Magazines: Access and download any edition of our magazines.

Download All Whitepapers: Free access to a wide range of informative whitepapers.

Lead Generation: Utilize your content as a lead magnet to attract potential clients.

Newsletter Promotion: Feature your content in targeted email campaigns, reaching an engaged subscriber base.

Social Media Amplification: Benefit from enhanced social media strategies, including targeted campaigns and shoutouts.

Featured Content Placement: Enjoy prime visibility with prominently displayed content.

Auto-Publishing Feature: Immediate visibility with expedited publication for premium members.

Discount on Sponsored Content in 5G Magazine: Take advantage of special rates to feature your sponsored content in 5G Magazines and TeckNexus.

Discount on Research Reports: Benefit from exclusive pricing on in-depth research reports in 5G and Private Networks.

Discounts on Partner Events: Special discounts on selected partner industry events and conferences.

Priority Customer Support: Receive prompt assistance for a smooth content uploading and sharing experience.

For Free Members


Targeted Audience Reach: Engage with a dedicated audience in telecom, connectivity, and technology sectors.

Quality Controlled Publishing: Benefit from a process ensuring your content stands alongside reputable publications.

Enhanced SEO and Visibility: Improve discoverability on search engines, extending reach and traffic.

Thought Leadership: Position your organization as an influential voice by sharing insightful content.

Social Media Exposure: Gain visibility through social media posts on TeckNexus' platforms.


Access to Select Whitepapers: Dive into a range of specialized whitepapers on topics like 5G, Private Networks, and more, keeping you informed and ahead in the tech world.

Regular Industry Updates: Stay up-to-date with the latest trends, news, and developments in the telecom and technology sectors with our regular updates.

Newsletter Subscriptions: Receive the latest insights, industry news, and updates directly to your inbox, ensuring you never miss out on vital information.

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