At Samsung Networks, we are committed to driving innovations in mobile communications, setting our eyes on next generation technologies such as 5G and beyond. We are aware that our solutions impact global consumers, industries, and societies. We also understand the responsibilities that we owe to the millions of lives, small and large companies, and major industries worldwide. As such, we are striving to develop and provide the very best networks and be the pioneer to introduce the most groundbreaking technologies and new services. Samsung Networks hopes to improve the way we connect for a better world and inspire generations of entrepreneurs, opinion leaders, and visionaries.

Samsung Business:

Samsung Networks is an innovation powerhouse that has made remarkable contributions for the advancement of mobile communications. We have worked tirelessly to unleash the full power of 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G, and achieved numerous world’s 1st milestones during this process. We are now focusing our efforts on 5G research and development.
Samsung was one of the first organizations to conduct mmWave 5G studies and laid the groundwork for mmWave to be used for mobile telecommunications. Samsung is uniquely positioned to provide an end-to-end 5G network portfolio, including chipsets, devices, radio and core equipment, as well as professional services based on AI. We have commercially proven this end-to-end 5G solution across both the mmWave and mid-band spectrum.

Samsung has partnered with global key operators in pushing the limits of legacy technologies, moving forward to next generation. The company’s advanced 4G and 5G network solutions are used by customers globally to support mobile networks, and are recognized as the most reliable and secure network while maximizing performance.

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