What are the key components of Deutsche Telekom’s Open RAN Journey?

What are the Open RAN's main challenges? | Deutsche Telekom's Perspective

O-RAN Town | Gain operational insights and drive feature readiness

Deutsche Telekom‘s O-RAN Town project is a multi-vendor Open RAN trial network for 4G and 5G services with massive MIMO integrated into the live network — the first in Europe.

SMO/Automation | Avoid any vendor lock-in and manage integration complexity

This deployment also involves an SMO approach and automation. DT has been investing in developing an independent management framework component.

Industry Ecosystem | Foster a vibrant and sustainable supplier landscape

Deutsche Telekom along with ecosystem partners started i14y-lab in Berlin to foster a sustainable ecosystem and help new entrants contribute to the solution. We are deploying a reference ORAN-based architecture that will allow component providers to integrate and do interoperability tests. It will also help solution productization.

Skills Development | Build required skills and resources

An important thing for Deutsche Telekom is the development of new skills needed in terms of competencies and capacities.

New Operating Model | Define and implement required new operating model

Moving away from tightly integrated solutions to disaggregated introduces a lot of complexity and requires service providers to take more responsibility. In that context, we are looking at which tasks in the value chain from requirements, design, bringing subcomponents, integrating, deploying, and operating – we should take & let other players that are better positioned in the market to drive.

Vendor Selection | Vendors selection for large-scale Open RAN deployment

Another key focus area for us at the moment is also vendor selection – who will be the vendors for our future large-scale deployments?

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