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Sterlite Technologies Limited

STL is an industry-leading integrator of digital networks. We design and integrate these digital networks for our customers. With core capabilities in Optical Interconnect, Virtualised Access Solutions, Network Software and System Integration, we are the industry’s leading end-to-end solutions provider for global digital networks. We partner with global telecom companies, cloud companies, citizen networks and large enterprises to deliver solutions for their fixed and wireless networks for current and future needs. We believe in harnessing technology to create a world with next-generation connected experiences that transform everyday living. With intense focus on end-to-end network solutions development, we conduct fundamental research...

Tango Telecom Ltd

Tango Telecom is a leading global provider of monetisation solutions for evolving mobile networks. The Tango Telecom Data Retail Engine, the Tango DRE™, is an end-to-end real-time monetisation platform enabling operators to exploit new business models and new markets over 4G and 5G networks. Tango Telecom’s cloud-native and microservices-based solutions offer the agility to quickly monetise existing and future use-cases including roaming services, IoT, enterprise services, connected cars and 5G services. Deployed at the core of some of the world’s most demanding networks including América Móvil, Telefónica, Airtel, Ooredoo and the Axiata Group, we support over 180 live systems serving...

Blade Runner (TMF)

Using 5G, augmented reality and multi-access edge computing to deliver enterprise services end-to-end. Modern networks are ushering in a new era of unlimited data and internet of things (IoT) use cases, such as smart cities, smart industries, connected cars and remote surgery. Aligned with modern cloud-based and software-defined networks, the Blade Runner Catalyst showcases how AI-based augmented reality can be used to support the maintenance of remote industrial equipment and vehicles, all facilitated by using the latest in multi-access edge computing technology.  The Catalyst uses the TM Forum Open Digital Architecture (ODA) at its core to demonstrate the need for...

AI for 5G billing data acceleration

This Catalyst explores the artificial intelligence response to 5G billing data acceleration. The project analyzes the basic consumption characteristic data of different users by introducing technologies such as AI, machine learning and edge calculation and simultaneously performs user portraits through user-specific consumer behaviours, for different users in different usage scenarios. It also provides personalized adjustments to personalized traffic quotas. Based on this, in the face of 5G high-speed and massive data, the edge splitting, processing and compression functions of edge calculation are used to realize the effect of ensuring that the original data is not damaged and the amount of...

App trading marketplace: a framework for CSP collaboration

This Catalyst project will explore an opportunity called marketplace where telcos can come together and find synergies by sharing success stories with other telcos via an online marketplace, similar to the Android Play store or the Apple App store. The marketplace is the first of its kind for telcos and will allow CSPs to share the service they have created profitably in non-competitive geographies so that another telco can replicate the success story in another part of the world in an instant to extend the same service to its subscribers. The marketplace is realized with a standard framework across telcos...

5G pricing and monetization innovation

This 5G mobile pricing and monetization Catalyst will explore a new pricing and charging method based on 5G new business models and leveraging 5G network architecture and technology. In the Catalyst project firstly, we will introduce a new 5G business model for vertical industries and also explore a 5G multi-dimension pricing and charging model in the charging and billing system for satisfying CSP 5G business requirements and a dynamic pricing method.


Openet provides Digital BSS to enable service providers to create new revenues from digital services, improve customer engagement and be ready for the opportunities from 5G. Our solutions enable service providers to be more agile, innovative and enjoy a faster time to value. Since its foundation in 1999 by Joe Hogan, Openet has been at the forefront of telecoms software development and innovation. Our success is personified by the many long-term relationships it has fostered with the largest, most progressive, and innovate service providers across the globe. From monetising content and data services over 4G, to enabling innovative enterprise IoT...


Etiya is leading software company providing customer experience focused AI driven Digital Transformation solutions with its own award-winning product portfolio. Founded in 2004, Etiya is a fast-growing software company with more than 850 employees worldwide. Our global headquarters is in Amsterdam and we have offices in Silicon Valley, Istanbul, Singapore, Ukraine, Dubai and Montreal. Etiya enables service providers to deliver a differentiated customer experience. Our full-stack Business and Operations Support System (B/OSS) portfolio can be deployed on-cloud or on-premise. Its latest innovation incorporates autonomous learning, algorithm-based applications in B/OSS. Etiya has long-term experience and deep telecom knowledge. Etiya’s products have...

Dgit Systems

DGIT is a specialist supplier of software and services to digital and communications service providers, using cutting-edge technology to create intuitive, flexible and highly customisable solutions for the modern digital marketplace. DGIT is the creator of Telflow, the multi-award winning quote-to-cash platform that provides CPQ, order capture, provisioning and inventory management for digital and communications service providers. DGIT is also home to Inomial, the innovative revenue management and billing platform that handles subscription management and billing solutions for telecommunications carriers, digital media distributors, utilities companies and cloud service providers. Together, Telflow and Inomial can be used to seamlessly automate and...


Cataworx is a telecom-focused software technology vendor based in Boulder, CO. Cataworx helps Communication Service Providers (CSPs) automate, simplify and accelerate the sales process. Cataworx was a top graduate of the Founder Institute startup accelerator program in early 2017.

Altice Labs

Delivering key telecommunications technologies since 1950, Altice Labs has been shaping the future of technology, enabling Communications Service Providers and Enterprises to offer advanced and differentiated services to their customers and users. Altice Labs is an innovation and transformation catalyst supported on a strong and dynamic Innovation Ecosystem. Through technology, we are committed to improve people’s lives and the way in which companies do business.

Invigorate Solutions

Real-time rating and charging Converged billing with real-time rating and charging, enables Telcos to create innovative, customer-centric propositions, providing differentiation in a crowded market. Invigorate is a real-time convergent subscriber billing system for Telecommunication Carriers, Mobile Network Operators (MNO’s) and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO’s). Real-Time Rating and Discounting Voice or data rating Simultaneous voice and data usage Prepaid, postpaid, or hybrid environment Wireless or wireline Explicit operator-defined rating instructions Robust features such as: Offers, Promotions, Bundles, “Joined Account” Bill Shock Prevention Event routing allows operators to send personalised notifications to their subscribers in real-time for: Usage notifications Diversions Call...


ZephyrTel. CloudForward. Fully committed to an end to end Telco application suite made available on AWS and continuously extending our cloud solution range, ZephyrTel will take your business through its next phase in the Cloud revolution. ZephyrTel serves the telecommunications industry worldwide, delivering an extensive portfolio of Telco cloud solutions for mobile, infrastructure, retail and customer experience. Why CloudForward for Telecommunications Carriers? Solving the issues of carrier legacy infrastructures for both Network and IT increases the ability to compete with the OTT vendors. Enables telco carriers to significantly lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by up to 50%. We are...

Ericsson Digital BSS

Ericsson Digital BSS enables customer-centric business operations and digital engagement allowing Operators to monetize on improved customer experience and support business models for current or future innovations. A Low-risk Path to Digital Transformation  Ericsson telecom charging and billing solutions are flexible, business-focused software solutions deployed in over 300 operators around the world. They are already supporting more than a billion customers worldwide, meeting the needs of operators, service providers and users alike. Spanning all B2C, B2B and B2B2X revenue streams, these solutions can help you evolve to capture and secure money streams and take advantage of business opportunities from both...


CSG is a leading provider of revenue management and digital monetization, payments and customer engagement solutions that help our customers: Improve customer engagement and reduce churn Reduce operating expenses and run their businesses more efficiently Quickly launch new digital services and enter new markets Compete and win in an ever-changing global marketplace

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