Volkswagen trials private 5G network with Nokia

Volkswagen trials private 5G network with Nokia to check if it will meet its vehicle production requirement. The initial use cases will focus on testing uploading of data to manufactured vehicles, and Intelligent networking of robots and wireless assembly tools.
Volkswagen trials private 5G network with Nokia

Volkswagen deploys a private 5G wireless network at Volkswagen’s manufacturing plant with Nokia. The trial deployment covers the production development center and pilot hall at Volkswagen’s headquarters plant in Wolfsburg, Germany.

Volkswagen trials private 5G to explore possibilities

Nokia will test whether the private 5G wireless network deployment will meet Volkswagen’s manufacturing plant’s vehicle production requirement.

Use Cases: Intelligent networking & data uploading

Initial use cases that will be tested in this deployment include:

  • Uploading of data to manufactured vehicles
  • Intelligent networking of robots and wireless assembly tools

Future use cases include increasing the efficiency and flexibility of the manufacturing plant for the production of the vehicles.

Nokia Solution & Volkswagen Spectrum Band

Volkswagen will use Nokia’s Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) solution for supporting reliable high-bandwidth, secure and low-latency connectivity for the sensors, machines, vehicles, and other equipment located at its manufacturing plant.

The private 5G wireless network will operate in the dedicated 3.7 – 3.8 GHz band that Federal Network Agency had allocated to Volkswagen, as a part of Germany’s private 5G licensing auction.

Benefits to Volkswagen: Full Control

The private 5G wireless network deployment will ensure that Volkswagen’s data remains at its manufacturing plant and is processed at the network edge in real-time. Thereby, providing Volkswagen security, low latency, and full control.



Volkswagen: Building expertize in 5G technology

Dr.-Ing. Klaus-Dieter Tuchs, network planning at Volkswagen, said: “Predictable wireless performance and the real-time capabilities of 5G have great potential for smart factories in the not-so-distant future. With this pilot deployment, we are exploring the possibilities 5G has to offer and are building our expertise in operating and using 5G technology in an industrial context.”

Nokia: Leader in private network deployments

Chris Johnson, Head of Global Enterprise business for Nokia, said: “Nokia is a worldwide leader in private wireless technology for Industry 4.0 digital transformation proven by over 380 large enterprise customer deployments, of which more than 75 incorporate 5G. By deploying private wireless to explore and develop its potential in manufacturing, Volkswagen underscores its leading position in leveraging digitalization to enhance efficiency and productivity. We are delighted to support this effort with the Nokia Digital Automation Cloud and our extensive experience in private wireless networks.”

Source: Nokia press release 

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