Benefits of private networks for enterprises

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The top benefits of private networks for enterprise include better network coverage and capacity, deterministic performance, security, and more
Benefits of private networks for enterprises

Broadly, the benefits of private networks for enterprises can be classified as below:

Better network coverage & capacity

Enterprises get dedicated capacity & guaranteed coverage by deploying their own private networks. Though there is very good momentum in the rollout of 5G networks globally, it is still not widespread enough to provide the required coverage and capacity for supporting the vertical industry use cases.

Deterministic performance

The spectrum is dedicated to the private networks’ geographical area, thereby guaranteeing service quality and ultra-reliable performance. Industry verticals are also leveraging the unlicensed spectrum for their enabling their use cases. The unlicensed spectrum enables enterprises to deploy a private 5G network without having to work with an operator. Also, read “The simple path to an OnGo Private LTE Network in the CBRS Band” 

Security & data privacy

There is a full separation of private networks from wider public networks. Enterprise data stays within the enterprise premises. Only authorized devices & people can connect to the private network. 5G SIM & mutual authentication further add to the increased security. Enterprises have the option to define their security policies aligned with their business needs. Sample key aspects that must be secured include – IoT Devices, 5G/LTE Network, Systems, and Software. Also, read “Securing 5G+ Edge Application.

Low latency with edge computing

Private 5G networks with cloud & edge computing enable enterprise applications requiring ultra-reliable low latency communication (URLLC) by processing the data where it is generated. 

High density & scalability

The dedicated private 5G network ensures the connection of up to a million devices per square kilometer within the enterprise premises over a single network. See more details on 5G technology benefits in comparison with 4G/LTE here.


The 5G wireless connectivity enables enterprises to place/move their factory devices & equipment as needed without the planning & construction cost related to the cabled networks. A good example is Rush University working with AT&T to bring the latest mobile communications technology to clinical care, based on 5G to improve communications, data processing needs, and the patient experience.

Full Control

 The enterprises have full control of their private network and hence can quickly & efficiently respond to any changes needed to address their business needs.

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in the 5G Magazine

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