The 500 Global 5G Companies

Enabling 100+ Live 5G Networks

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The infographic also provides a list of all live 5G network deployments rolled out by the telecommunications service providers globally as of Dec 2020, categorized regionally.

The 5G companies are categorized into 25 solution categories such as 5G phones, 5G wearables, 5G tower companies, 5G New Radio Access, 5G Core Network, 5G transport | SDN, 5G Management & Orchestration, 5G Network Slicing, 5G and Edge computing and more.

5G Network Slicing Companies

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5G Orchestration & Management Companies

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5G Radio Access Network (RAN) Companies

5G Core Network Companies

5G Network & Device Testing Companies

5G Network & Service Assurance Companies

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The 500 Global 5G Companies Infographic

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