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Ravi Sinha

Ravi Sinha - Jio and SCF

Ravi Sinha is working with the world’s fastest-growing telco brand Reliance Jio as the Director of 5G Product and Technology Development. He is a versatile R&D Executive serving leadership roles in the wireless industry with expertise in product development and technology strategy, business analysis, M&A assessments, Strategy planning that enables Jio to achieve its long-term objectives. He brings over two decades of experience and working with some of the world’s largest telecom companies and service providers. In his previous role, he spearheaded efforts to innovate cutting-edge projects around small cell solutions and Cloud-Native Infra assets for Telco Consumptions.

Ravi Sinha is also serving as the Chairman of Small Cell Forum Emerging Technology initiatives, where he is leading a team of professionals to help the industry in Cutting Edge Small Cell Technology evolution and recommendations as well as Smart and Cognitive EDGE, Automotive and 5G/WiFI6 convergence.

How SCF is unlocking potential for 5G networks with small cell adoption - TeckNexus

How SCF is unlocking the potential for 5G networks?

Interview with Ravi Sinha – How is SCF accelerating the adoption of small cells? What are focus areas, challenges, stakeholders & benefits?

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SCF and Automotive Industry Use Case - Ravi Sinha

SCF and Automotive Industry Use Case – Ravi Sinha

An in-depth Conversation with Ravi Sinha on SCF and Automotive Industry Use Case – Software-Defined Car-Ecosystem with Small Cell Cloud, CV2X – The Airwave (Spectrum), SCN Service Slice – CV2X (Opportunities), Automotive World – CV2X NW status, SCF Cloud-Native Framework for 5G Network Functions and Services.

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SCF Open RAN Interfaces & Use Cases - SCF and Jio

SCF Open RAN Interfaces & Use Cases – SCF and Jio

A Conversation with Ravi Sinha to get an in-depth perspective on Open RAN from the Small Cell Forum (SCF) perspective. Which O-RAN interfaces SCF is working on? Which use cases SCF is focussing on?

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