Zeetta’s 5G Network Orchestration & Slicing for Industry 4.0

5G For Industry 4.0 Solutions - TeckNexus Report - sponsored by Zeetta

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5G connectivity will play a critical role in enabling Industrial 4.0 use cases. The 5G-ENCODE Project, which is a £9 million collaborative project led by Zeetta networks, is aiming to develop clear business cases and value propositions for 5G applications in the manufacturing industry.

This white paper summarizes Industry 4.0 technologies with a focus on 5G capabilities for industrial use cases. It provides an overview of the 5G-encode project and deep-dives into the 5G industrial use cases with related business needs, challenges, benefits, and solutions from the ecosystem partners. Below are the 3 key use cases, that the 5G-Encode project is working on:

  • In-factory and in-transit asset tracking
  • Virtual 360-degree training
  • Closed-loop manufacturing in liquid resin infusion

Zeetta Networks leads the 5G-Encode project, providing vital 5G technologies, solutions, and products to enable industrial 4.0 use cases. In this white paper, we also deep-dive into the related capabilities (such as deployable 5G network-in-a-box, network slicing and splicing with multi-domain orchestration), the related architecture as well as the key benefits.

To get more details, download this Zeetta Networks whitepaper, prepared by TeckNexus. Also, watch the 5g fireside chat “5G Network Slicing & Splicing for Industry 4.0 Use Cases” with Vassilis Seferidis, CEO & Co-Founder of Zeetta Networks.

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