5G Network Assurance: Why you need a new approach?

5G Network Assurance - TeckNexus Report sponsored by Radcom

White Paper | eBook prepared by TeckNexus

Whitepaper | eBook content

This 5G network assurance white paper covers critical requirements, technologies, and approaches that assurance solutions must support to ensure 5G networks.

Key approach and related technologies include:

  • Full visibility of networks – what capabilities 5G network assurance solutions must include for providing full visibility of networks and what are the related technologies
  • High volume traffic monitoring – what are the approaches for monitoring the high volume of 5G network traffic and what are the related technologies to process the high-volume traffic
  • Decipher the network traffic – Soon most of the 5G network traffic would be encrypted, including video streaming and gaming content. What are the challenges for assurance solutions and how are they addressing?
  • SLA for network slices and critical services – what technologies assurance solutions should adopt for monitoring service level agreements & KPIs for network slices and mission-critical services
  • Automation is critical for reducing cost – what aspects of the 5G network assurance can be automated?

RADCOM (Nasdaq: RDCM) is the leading expert in cloud-native, automated service assurance solutions for telecom operators transitioning to non-standalone and standalone 5G networks.

RADCOM ACE is an automated 5G assurance platform that seamlessly integrates with Kubernetes to provide a closed-loop approach to assurance for Non-Standalone (NSA) and Standalone (SA) 5G. Being Service Based Architecture (SBA) ready, the solution supports advanced 5G assurance capabilities for end-to-end visibility into the customer experience and service quality for 5G.

RADCOM ACE includes the following containerized solutions: RADCOM Service Assurance, and AI-driven RADCOM Network Insights. In addition, the solution can work with RADCOM Network Visibility a stand-alone, fully virtualized network packet broker (vNPB) with virtual tapping and filtering.

RADCOM ACE uses streaming analytics to deliver automated real-time network intelligence given to the operators’ orchestration to detect, analyze, and resolve issues automatically. RADCOM ACE also provides end-to-end network troubleshooting from the KPI level down to the session/packet level, critical when rolling out new network architectures.

To get more details, download this 5G network assurance Radcom report, prepared by TeckNexus.

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