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What is included in this "The Current State of 5G Network Rollouts" - Report?

As of March 2023, the 5G network has been commercially deployed by 250+ wireless service providers across the world.

This eBook details the global and regional 5G network rollouts, including which countries have already launched 5G and how many networks have been deployed in different regions of the world. It also provides insights into which countries are planning to roll out 5G networks in the near future, so you can plan your strategy accordingly.


The Open RAN Tracker provides a comprehensive map of where Open RAN is being deployed/trialed around the world, as well as a breakdown of how many deployments are in each region.

It also gives you insights into who are the operators leading the Open RAN deployment and who are the ecosystem technology vendors. This guide also provides an overview of the challenges and benefits of Open RAN, as well as profiles of leading operators in this growing market.

This 5G & Edge Companies Infographic is the perfect resource for anyone looking to learn more about the global 5G network rollouts and the companies enabling those networks. Featuring over 700+ 5G companies, this infographic provides a snapshot of leading and emerging players of the 5G ecosystem.

We have broadly classified the ecosystem players into 20 categories and we continue to add new categories & players addressing the changing landscape.

Corresponding to each region (Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle-East, and Africa), the eBook details information on:

  • Which operators have launched 3GPP-compliant 5G networks in corresponding regions?
  • Which operators are trialing | piloted, or launched 5G networks based on Open RAN technology?
  • The timeline for the 5G launches in the corresponding regions.
  • Details corresponding to ongoing trials | pilots based on Open RAN technologies (included TIP OpenRAN) and the related vendor ecosystem.

Includes information on regional 5G plans for 2023-24 and beyond, including their view/timeline for supporting Open RAN-based deployments.

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