5G Network Rollouts

What is included in this 5G Network Rollouts - eBook?

5G has been commercially launched by 180 operators globally, as of Sept 2021. 

The eBook provides a map of countries where 5G is launched, how many deployments in the Americas, Europe, Middle-East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific regions. It also provides the timeline of the 5G network rollouts globally and regionally.

45 public/private operators across 21 countries have trialed or launched pilot based on Open RAN technology.

25 countries have trialed/deployed Open RAN.

31 operators are deploying or trialing Open RAN across one or more countries.


The diverse 5G ecosystem infographic can be downloaded with an annual or quarterly subscription plan. The eBook details the various 5G solution categories corresponding to which the 5G players are listed in the infographic.

Corresponding to each region (Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle-East, and Africa), the eBook details information on:

  • Which operators have launched 3GPP-compliant 5G networks in corresponding regions?
  • Which operators are trialing | piloted, or launched 5G networks based on Open RAN technology?
  • The timeline for the 5G launches in the corresponding regions.
  • Details corresponding to ongoing trials | pilots based on Open RAN technologies (included TIP OpenRAN) and the related vendor ecosystem.

Includes information on what regional 5G plans for 2021 and beyond, including their view/timeline for supporting Open RAN based deployments.

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