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5G Ecosystem Infographic - 700+ Players | TeckNexus

TeckNexus continuously tracks the global 5G network rollouts and the 5G companies enabling those network rollouts. We create a snapshot of this information every quarter and present it in this 5G companies infographic. The current version includes 700+ 5G companies, including the 5G network operators.  

We look at the 5G architecture based on 3GPP specifications, and the Open RAN emerging industry solutions. Based on standards architecture, we have categorized the 5G companies, as specified below.

We broadly classified the 5G companies in the below-mentioned categories. 

5G Mobile Network Operators

There are currently 190 live 5G network rollouts globally as of Dec 2021. The below shows which countries have launched 5G, and the graph provides info on the 5G launches per region. 

The infographic covers all network operators per region who have launched 5G networks as of Dec 2021.

For example, in the Americas region, 5G network has been launched by:

Antel (Uruguay )

AT&T (United States)

Bell (Canada)

bmobile (Trinidad & Tonago)

C-Spire (United States)

Claro (Brazil)

DirectTV (Columbia)

DOCOMO PACIFIC (Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands – US Territories)

GCI (United States)

Liberty Mobile PR (Originally AT&T) (Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands – US Territories)

Oi (Brazil)

Rogers (Canada )

T-Mobile (The United States and its territories – Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands)

Telecom Personal (Argentina) 

Telefonica Vivo (Brazil)

Telesur (Suriname)

Telus (Canada )

US Cellular (United States)

Verizon (United States)

Videotron (Canada)

You can find additional info on the live 5G commercial network rollouts in Europe, Middle-East, and Asia-Pacific in the 5G ecosystem infographic. 

5G Devices (Phones, Laptops, Wearables, and CPEs)

This category includes the 5G phone manufacturers, laptop manufacturers, and wearables manufacturers that support 5G technology. Currently, we have identified 53 key manufactures in this category.

5G Chipset Makers

We included the global chipset, semiconductor, and related device manufacturers critical for both the 5G consumer devices and 5G networks in this category. Currently, we have identified 42 chipset and device manufacturers.

5G Real Estate Infrastructure Companies | 5G Tower Companies

In this category, in addition to the tower companies, we have also included the companies providing small cell and Distributed Antenna System (DAS). Currently, we have identified 40 companies in this category.

5G New Radio (NR) Access Companies

In this category, we have included both the traditional Radio Access Network (RAN) vendors and the emerging vendors providing RAN components – Radio Unit (RU)/Remote Radio Unit (RRU), Distributed Unit (DU), and Centralized Unit (CU). Currently, this category includes 28 vendors.

5G Core Network Infrastructure Companies

In this category, we have included vendors providing 5G core solutions, Evolved Packet Core (EPC), and virtual Evolved Packet Core (vEPC).  Currently, it reflects 14 vendors. 

5G Transport and SDN Companies

We have included optical fiber transport vendors in this category, also supporting software-defined networks (SDN). This category currently consists of 29 vendors.

5G Management & Orchestration Technology Companies

In this category, we have included 21 vendors who are providing both service and network orchestration. The vendors who offer infrastructure orchestration are included in the Virtual Infra Manager category.

5G Network Slicing Technology Companies

Some vendors include the network slicing capabilities as a part of their orchestration and management capabilities, where some vendors have this as add-on capabilities. This category contains 14 network slicing vendors.

5G Testing & Quality Assurance Companies

This category includes vendors that support 5G network, device, and application testing. It contains 10 global vendors.

5G OSS/BSS Technology Companies

This category includes vendors providing operation support systems, including inventory/resource management, resource discovery, and business support systems focused on consumer and wholesale billing. Currently, it includes 28 vendors.

5G Network & Service Assurance Companies

This category includes vendors providing network & services assurance, including fault and performance management. It currently consists of 20 vendors.

Edge and MEC Companies 

This category includes vendors providing edge platform, edge computing, edge exchange, and multi-access edge computing solutions. It consists of 44 vendors.

Cloud and Edge Data Center Companies

This category includes vendors providing the cloud-based edge, regional and central data centers. It includes 31 global vendors.

Virtual Infrastructure Management (VIM) Companies

This category includes vendors that provide capabilities for controlling, managing, and monitoring the network function virtualization infrastructure (i.e., compute, storage, network hardware, virtualized resources, and software for the virtualization layer). Currently, it includes 13 vendors.

5G Security Companies

This category includes vendors providing security for 5G, 4G, 3G, and 2G networks, including subscribers’ identify protection and authentication capabilities. It includes 16 vendors. 

SASE Companies

This category includes secure access service edge (SASE) vendors providing new cloud-based security capabilities. This category currently includes 15 vendors. 

SD-WAN Companies

This category includes software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) vendors, i.e., vendors providing virtual WAN capabilities. This category includes 26 global vendors.

System Integrators

This vendor includes system integrators that provide 5G consulting, 5G application integration, and 5G infrastructure integration services to network operators and 5G vertical enterprises. It currently includes 18 system integrators.

The infographic also includes the 5G standards organization and the ongoing 5G open source projects. Key open source 5G projects are being led by Telecom Infra Project (TIP), Linux Foundation, Open Networking Foundation (ONF).

5G Ecosystem Infographic - 700+ Players | TeckNexus

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