Auto manufacturer AD Plastik to deploy private 5G with Nokia and OIV

Nokia and OIV Digital Signals and Networks have been chosen to build Croatia's first 5G SA industrial private wireless campus network. The 5G industrial-grade private wireless network enables high-performance, low latency, and consistent connectivity for use cases in the automotive sector.
5G for smart manufacturing | smart factory | industry 4.0 report - TeckNexus | Auto manufacturer AD Plastik to deploy private 5G with Nokia and OIV
TeckNexus - 5G and manufacturing industry report

Nokia has joined forces with OIV, a prominent provider of national strategic communications infrastructure in Croatia, to provide a 5G private wireless network solution that will increase operational efficiency and enable new capabilities at AD Plastik’s automobile component manufacturing plant in Croatia.

AD Plastik produces interior and exterior car components. It has production plants in Solin and Zagreb and factories in Serbia, Russia, and Hungary. The company employs around 2,500 people.

The ‘campus’ deployment is billed as the country’s first standalone private 5G setup.

AD Plastik’s private 5G business goals and solution

AD Plastik’s manufacturing plant in Zagreb, Croatia, will use the Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) application platform to provide low-latency and secure, reliable 5G wireless connectivity for equipment, machines, and a suite of applications. AD Plastik will use the new system to replace and overcome the current Wi-Fi infrastructure’s limitations to allow it to implement innovative Industry 4.0 applications and improve operational efficiency.

The solution, which includes local edge computing, video services, and a catalog of applications, goes beyond connectivity. It’s a compact, easy-to-install platform that consists of network equipment, a cloud-based operation monitoring system, and industrial connections for simple and industry-specific protocol connectivity.

President of AD Plastik Group, Marinko Došen

Marinko Došen, President of AD Plastik Group, said: “Further digitalization and automation of business in our industry is simply a necessity. Just as your chances on the market are significantly reduced if you produce vehicles that cannot be connected, so you have to keep up with trends in the production of automotive components. Industry 4.0 is our reality, and we must be ready to continue its implementation. 5G technology, in addition to being a hundred times faster than the existing one, allows us to simultaneously connect smart and digital devices that we use every day in our production, which will be even more represented in the future. Simply put, at the moment, it is the basis for connecting devices that will help us in the production and delivery processes, and for the future, we create the preconditions for building a modern, digital and promising company.”

Project Manager at OIV Digital Signals and Networks, Andrej Skenderović

Andrej Skenderović, Project Manager at OIV Digital Signals and Networks, said: “OIV as a modern digital company is constantly looking for new solutions for existing and future clients. We see the Private 5G network as a key technology for further development in the next decade. That is why we launched this project intending to expand the range of our services. In this technology, which is characterized not only by a large network capacity but also by many other possibilities, we see the potential to start the recovery and further development of the industry. We hope that with this project, we will continue to be the leading provider of innovative services in our country.”

Director Nokia Enterprise South-East Europe, Michael Siegel

Michael Siegel, Director Nokia Enterprise South-East Europe, said: “By implementing the Nokia DAC, AD Plastik will benefit from the highest reliability and lowest latency connectivity for all their operations, allowing the company to accelerate its digitalization and industry 4.0 transformation for greater efficiency and flexibility while maintaining quality and safety in its manufacturing facility in Croatia.”

About Nokia

Nokia creates technology that helps the world act together. As a trusted partner for critical networks, they are committed to innovation and technology leadership across mobile, fixed, and cloud networks. They create value with intellectual property and long-term research, led by the award-winning Nokia Bell Labs. Adhering to the highest standards of integrity and security, they help build the capabilities needed for a more productive, sustainable, and inclusive world.

About OIV Digital Signals and Networks

With over 95 years of tradition and experience, Transmitters and Communications Ltd. (OIV) operates in the core of the broadcasting and telecommunication industries, providing complete radio and television broadcasting services, audio-visual content and data distribution, fiber-optic lease, co-location as well as modern media services.

About AD Plastik

AD Plastik Group is the leading company specializing in developing and producing interior and exterior car components in Croatia and one of the leading companies in Eastern Europe. They have over 35 years of experience in the automotive industry. The passion and knowledge of their employees are built into the development and realization of every product they manufacture for the world’s most famous carmakers. They collaborate with their customers from the early stages of development to the final product, using modern tools and techniques while applying specific expertise, skills, and experience. Their core value focuses on customer needs while maintaining the high quality and competitiveness of products and services. With Croatian production plants in Solin and Zagreb, and factories in Serbia, Russia, and Hungary, today AD Plastik Group employs more than 2.500 people of various profiles.

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