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Published in Aug 2021

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5G Edge Computing from the Keysight lens - Kalyan - TeckNexus

5G and Edge Computing from Keysight Lens

This article covers multi-access edge computing, related testing challenges, Keysight’s KORA (Keysight Open RAN Architect) Portfolio, and the process of transitioning from Lab to Live production environment.

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Securing 5G+ Edge Application by Prasad Rajamohan - TeckNexus

Securing 5G+ Edge Application

This article covers the edge promises and security needs, complexities in edge application architecture, security challenges in edge application and the way forward in securing 5G+ edge applications.

5G and Edge - Application Infrastructure for Multi-Cloud and Edge Computing by Pramodh -- TeckNexus

Application Infrastructure for Multi-Cloud and Edge Computing

Application Infrastructure for Multi-Cloud and Edge Computing covers perspective on 5G and edge computing, the challenges for edge computing, how to build the application environment, what options are available with open source, solutions from cloud providers, and more.

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