KaloomTM is comprised of a group of technology veterans with proven track records of delivering large-scale networking, analytics and AI-based solutions for the world’s largest networks. Having come from leading companies including Ericsson, Xelerated, Cisco, Redback Networks, 3Com, Nortel and Apple, we have come together to build a critically-needed solution to address the emerging challenges in data center networking.

Backed by strong investors (Fonds FTQ, Somel Investments Inc., MBUZZ) and partners (Red Hat, Accton, Intel) that share in Kaloom’s belief, ideas and future direction; we are committed to creating a world class solution that will change the data center networking industry. Our research and development office is located in the heart of the Quartier de l’innovation in Montreal, Quebec with the sales and marketing teams in Silicon Valley.

Kaloom’s Mission:

At KaloomTM, we see a “perfect storm” forming in the data center networking industry. To meet these headwinds we are developing a new solution that promises to deliver the highest performance, lowest-cost and greenest network possible. By leveraging networking white boxes from Accton and Delta to drive down costs, our mission is to become the leader in fully automated data center networking software suitable for the data center operator, telco, enterprise, cloud, and gaming industries.

Technology and Initial Use Case:

Kaloom’s embedded 5G User Plane Function (UPF) is built on its foundational Cloud Edge Fabric™ product. The solution provides a factor of 10x in throughput, 100x in lower latency at 1/10th the cost per Gbps than any incumbent vendor. As a result, Kaloom is experiencing tremendous traction from the largest telecom and data center operators worldwide in its development and delivery of the first container-based software networking fabric with
integrated switching and routing. The solution allows emerging applications to be delivered in a cost-effective and scalable fashion. The company and its solutions have been considered to be among the top 12 telecom disruptors of 2019 by a telecom industry trade publication.

Industry Problems Addressed:

Unfortunately, the existing IT infrastructure is unable to scale and is inadequate in its ability to sustain new applications and devices in an environmentally friendly and business-viable fashion. In today’s world, IT infrastructure is still siloed and while servers and
storage have advanced, networking remains far behind from a virtualization perspective, resulting in much slower responsiveness to the application needs of internal and external customers. IT infrastructure is also responsible for 4% of the total greenhouse gas emissions. Without more power-efficient solutions, it is expected that these new applications will cause the associated amount of GHG to double by 2028.

Kaloom’s Differentiators and Value Proposition:

Cloud and Edge computing requires compute, storage, and networking solutions. Kaloom provides a highly advanced and modern cloud networking solution which integrates well with the entire infrastructure in allowing service providers to accelerate time to deliver new emerging applications and market new services. The key differentiators introduced by Kaloom’s solution are as follows:

  • A fully automated solution with automatic software installs and updates, and selfconfiguring network capabilities.
  • A fully programmable environment where both control plane and data plane functions can be added or modified in software without the need to replace already deployed hardware.
  • A system which supports slicing, meaning that we can virtualize the data center itself by partitioning a physical data center infrastructure into multiple independent virtual data centers.
  • A solution which radically reduces the latency by a factor of up to 7x while increasing the throughput per server by a factor of 2x.
  • An optimized solution integrated with OpenStack, Kubernetes, and OpenShift providing support for today’s virtual machine (VNF) based infrastructures, as well as emerging container (CNF) based workloads.
  • Support for specialized edge HW configurations having space and power constraints enabling a major reduction in power consumption.

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