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Daniel Campion - Sitenna

Daniel Campion

Daniel Campion is the CEO of Sitenna which provides software that helps telecom companies find new locations to deploy towers and antennae. Sitenna is a technology start-up, backed by Y Combinator, set to launch in the US market in early 2022.

2021 Reflections and 2022 predictions' from Operators & Infra Companies

2021 Reflections and 2022 predictions’ from Operators & Infra Companies

What were the top 5 trends and technologies impacting 5G operators and infrastructure (Tower Companies) in 2021? What trends and technologies we should watch out for in 2022. Read this article by Daniel Champion, CEO of Sitenna.

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Why is it so expensive to get access to cell sites - TeckNexus

Why is it so expensive to get access to cell sites?

What are the issues that are driving the cost of cell sites to Telecom/5G Service Providers? Get details on the related issues along with the solution. An article by Daniel Campion, CEO of Sitenna.

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