Kaustubha Parkhi

I am Principal Analyst with Insight Research. I manage the research agenda for Insight Research. I have championed Insight’s ongoing coverage in the areas of cloud-native network functions (CNF) and allied technologies such as SDN, NFV, vEPC, vRAN, Containers, LSO, AI and IoT technologies. I am excited by the prospect of the opening of closely guarded network-function stacks and the associated possibilities, including the challenges. I strongly believe that telcos, especially the ones with minimal legacy infrastructure, will be able to leverage these developments by gaining tighter control over the network function profiles, which in turn will help them in managing their resources with greater effectiveness. Over the past fifteen years, I have conducted market research and consulting assignments for a wide array of telecommunications, electronics and industrial engineering technologies. I have authored multiple market research reports and worked on custom-consulting assignments. I hold a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics and Telecommunications and a Master of Management Studies (equivalent of M.B.A) degree in Systems.

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