5G Monetization Strategies

TeckNexus - 5G and monetization strategies
Published: July 2021
Topics Covered

Based on an analysis of 136 live 5G commercial deployments across 58 countries, as of Mid-December 2020.

  • Introduction
  • The global 5G monetization trends
  • The regional 5G monetization trends
        • North America
        • South America
        • Europe
        • Middle East
        • Africa
        • Asia-Pacific
  • Retail (B2C) segment 5G monetization offers and plans
  • Enterprise (B2B) segment 5G monetization business models
  • The ecosystem partners for B2C and B2B offers and solutions
      • Who are the ecosystem partners?
      • What are their offers and solutions?
      • Who are the startups providing unique offerings & solutions?
  • Summary of the key findings

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