5G in Smart Manufacturing

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Published: July 2021
Topics Covered

We analyzed global private 5G enterprise use cases and spectrum (mid-band & high-band) winners across countries with live 5G. This report covers in-detail the related smart manufacturing | smart factory use cases for Industry 4.0.

Sample industry verticals, leveraging private 5G for manufacturing, including

Transportation | automotive sector related manufacturing such as the production of electric batteries and all-electric vehicle assembly

Industrial appliances manufacturing, e.g., air compressors, vacuum solutions, generators, pumps, and power tools

Specialty chemical manufacturing, e.g., polyolefins, fertilizers, and melamine

Semiconductor manufacturing

5G radio equipment manufacturing

High-tech polymer manufacturing

Topics covered in this smart manufacturing | smart factory report


  • The current state of the global and regional 5G in smart manufacturing
  • The regional market covered includes – North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific
  • 5G based smart manufacturing use cases in deployment | trial mode
  • The business drivers for leveraging 5G in smart manufacturing
  • 5G capabilities and deployment modes for smart manufacturing
      • Public Network, Private Network, and Hybrid Network
  • The 5G and smart manufacturing ecosystem
      • Who are the ecosystem players?
      • What are their roles, business models, and advantages?
      • Who are the leading players, and what is their strategy?
      • The startups providing disrupting technologies for smart manufacturing
  • The challenges in the adoption of 5G in smart manufacturing?
  • Summary of the key findings

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