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Explore Radisys’s pivotal role in advancing 5G technology and Open RAN ecosystems. Discover their collaborative efforts with global industry-standard organizations, innovative use cases, and a future vision that fortifies its position as a key player in the global telecom sector, ensuring scalable and flexible network solutions.
Explore the pioneering pathway of Rakuten in the telecom industry, navigating through Open RAN and a software-centric approach. Discover insights into how openness, transparency, and innovative mindsets are reshaping connectivity and uncovering new possibilities in the realm of 5G, network scalability, and global standards. Join us as we delve into the future of telecom, where Rakuten, Open RAN, and a new era of technological advancements converge to redefine the industry.
Explore the pivotal role of precise time synchronization in delivering robust 5G services with Net Insight’s Fredrik Sundling. Learn how GNSS-independent solutions not only safeguard against vulnerabilities like jamming and spoofing but also ensure the seamless delivery of real-time enterprise services, ensuring 24/7 availability and reliability in the burgeoning 5G landscape.
Explore the innovative strides of Rakuten in optimizing 5G technologies through Open RAN solutions. Dive into a comprehensive analysis of how the digital giant is shaping the future of connectivity, ensuring robust, scalable, and efficient networks. Learn about the transformative impact of Open RAN and Rakuten’s pioneering initiatives in the realm of 5G deployments, offering enhanced user experiences, and driving the global telecom industry towards a future of seamless, high-speed connectivity.
Explore Harman’s innovative strategies in fortifying cybersecurity for connected vehicles, led by VP Ravi Puvvala. Navigate through their approach in tackling regulatory challenges, investing in in-vehicle and edge platform security, and deploying unified cybersecurity architectures to safeguard the future of automotive connectivity and ensure compliant, secure, and future-proof operations in the evolving digital vehicular landscape.
Dive into the insights from AT&T’s VP of Product Strategy and Innovation, Rupesh Choksi, on navigating the complexities of IoT security amidst the proliferation of 5G technology. Explore the strategic approaches toward securing connections, ensuring compliance, and enhancing data processing and connectivity across various sectors, all while innovating with security embedded in design and function. Discover how 5G technology is not just a connection tool, but a pivotal element in safeguarding and optimizing future digital interactions in a hyper-connected world
Explore Boingo’s innovative 5G solutions and private network deployments across major global transportation venues. Navigate through Boingo’s strategic digital transformation initiatives, offering secure, scalable, and outcome-driven connectivity from 2G to 5G across airports, transit stations, and iconic transportation hubs. Dive into comprehensive insights on how Boingo is enhancing digital consumer and operational experiences, ensuring seamless transitions, and delivering robust, future-proof wireless solutions in the fast-evolving digital era.
Dive into the expansive reach of 5G as it reshapes macro networks, converges with applications, and interacts with smart city ecosystems. Discover how collaborative efforts with giants like GM and Ford are driving the future of interconnected experiences.
Explore how Verizon is leveraging 5G to revolutionize vehicular communication, from enhancing road safety to ensuring efficient traffic management. Delve into the technical and commercial challenges of deploying and scaling this transformative technology on roads.
Explore the Small Cell Forum (SCF) roadmap as they drive Open RAN advancements, establish small cell blueprints, and address 5G deployment challenges. Delve into the transformative telecom landscape marked by cloud-native frameworks and evolving ecosystems.
BT unveils its roadmap for 2021 and beyond, emphasizing the power of 5G in revolutionizing sectors from manufacturing and logistics to healthcare. Explore how sustainability, AI, private networks, and global partnerships are shaping the next era of connectivity.
Dive into the advancements of 5G and CV2X in reshaping the automotive landscape. Explore how the Small Cell Forum is leading the charge with blueprints, collaborations, and a vision for a unified connectivity ecosystem. Discover the future of smart transportation and city integrations.
Dive deep into the evolution of 5G network slicing, exploring its management innovations, real-world integrations, scalability challenges, and its transformative potential for both service providers and enterprises with Aarna Networks and Kaloom.
In this 5G Tech Talk | Fireside chat series, Hema Kadia from TeckNexus discusses with Adnan Khan, Sr. Manager for Wireless and Wireline Market Development at Anritsu, Private 5G Networks and Testing. In this context, we cover – what are the top 3 verticals investing in private 5G networks, what are the 3GPP release features enabling the private 5G networks, what are the deployment modes for private 5G networks and related pros and cons, what are the testing challenges for private 5G networks and more.
In this 5G Fireside chat series, Hema Kadia from TeckNexus discusses with Dan Pitt “How Lean NFV can accelerate the adoption of NFV and deployment of 5G.” In this context, we cover, what is Lean NFV, what are the business drivers for Lean NFV, comparison with ETSI NFV, the Lean NFV Key-Value Store (KVS) concept, how Lean NFV will accelerate the adoption of ETSI NFV and 5G, and more.
In this 5G Fireside chat series, Hema Kadia from TeckNexus discusses with Sriram (Co-founder and Head of Engineering) at Aarna Networks, Physical Network Functions (PNFs) support and relevance in 5G. In this context, we cover – what is PNF, what elements of PNFs can be automated, what are similarities with VNF onboarding, PNF life cycle management, PNF plug and play support, and PNF automation benefits & challenges.
In this 5G Fireside chat series, Hema Kadia from TeckNexus discusses with Ben Cheung, Ph.D. Systems Architect at Nokia and ONAP RAN Architecture, 5G key concepts. In this 5G introduction chat, we cover – what is 5G, the 3 key 5G concepts i.e. enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB), massive machine type communications (mMTC) and ultra reliable low latency communications (URLLC), high level 5G architecture and key technologies (including those we plan to cover in future 5G Fireside chat series).
In this 5G Fireside chat series, Hema Kadia from TeckNexus discusses with Vassilis Seferidis, CEO and Co-founder of Zeetta Networks, 5G Network Slicing & Splicing for Industry 4.0 Use Cases. In this context, we cover – what is network slicing & splicing, what are the industry 4.0 use cases where network slicing & splicing is being used, how is the network slicing done across mulitple networks (e.g. fiber, mmWave, 5G public network), what are the challenges and benefits and beyond industry 4.0 where network slicing is being leveraged.
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