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For Marketing & Sales Enablement

5G Telecom - Consulting Services

5G Telecom - Technology Consulting Services

Technology Consulting

We evaluate network & technology solutions from ecosystem vendors (with or without RFI/RFP process) and recommend the solutions right for the telecommunications network operators (mobile, fixed, cable and broadband service providers).

5G Telecom - Strategy Consulting Services

Strategy Consulting

We provide independent and strategic advice to C-level executives & decision makers for their 5G, Edge, SDN, NFV, VNF, Automation, Next-Gen OSS/BSS & related technology & solution roadmap based on market trends, forecast and competition analysis.

5G Telecom - PoC Consulting Services

PoC Consulting

We help technology & network vendors in their industry proofs-of-concept projects, by jointly working with their teams - to ideate on the colloborative solutions, build teams with relevant partners, plan and provide execution oversight throughout the project as well as generating thought-leadership content for marketing.

5G Telecom - Research Services

5G Telecom - Market Outlook Research Reports

Market Outlook Reports

We publish 5G & telecom market outlook reports with detailed - growth, trends, forecast analysis. We provide necessary customization for the published research reports. Sample published reports include - 5G service market, 5G enterprise market, 5G infra market, network slicing market, network automation and more.

5G Telecom - Competition Analysis Services

Competition Analysis

We have mapped the complete 5G & telecom technology, infrastructure, network vendor landscape, in addition to the other ecosystem players such as system integrators, advisory firms, SDOs and more. We do in-depth competitive analysis for planning your new product launches, pricing strategy, product positioning for more.

5G Telecom - Custom Research Services

Design Your Research

We extend our industry research to meet your specific business needs. We can conduct custom research for your product & marketing teams on specific 5G telecom technologies such as Edge, Network Slicing, Network Automation, Orchestrators, VNFs - related vendor solution comparision, market trends and more.

5G Telecom - Marketing Support Services

5G Telecom - Thought-Leadership Content Generation Services

Thought-Leadership Content Creation

We create thought-leadership content for your sales & marketing needs which includes blogs, video blogs, whitepapers, ebooks, newsletters focussed on 5G Telecom technology, infrastructure and network domains.

5G Telecom - Sales Collaterals Vreation Services

Sales Collaterals Creation

We work with your product, sales & marketing teams to create &/or update your sales collaterals, including product, service, use cases, case studies, customer presentations - leveraging our extensive experience in Telecommunication vertical and related products & solutions.

5G Telecom - Advertising


Advertise on TeckNexus 5G and Telecom ecosystem pages & relevant solution categories page (e.g. Edge, SDN, NFV, Automation), ebook and weekly subscription newsletter and increase visibility with right stakeholders in telecommunications industry.

5G Ecosystem Landscape

How to join 5G Ecosystem?

We will review the company and product descriptions for consideration into the next monthly update of 5G Ecosystem.

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5G Industry Use Cases

TeckNexus 5G-powered autonomous robot for efficient response to coronavirus

5G-powered robot for responding to coronavirus

SK Telecom and Omron Electronics Korea have jointly developed a  5G-powered autonomous robot to enable a systematic and efficient response against the coronavirus.

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TeckNexus - 5G Use case Healthcare

Remote diagnosis of coronavirus

China Telecom, ZTE and West China Hospital of Sichuan University, conducted remote diagnosis of the coronavirus via 5G based remote video consultation. 

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5G use case - remote theraphy physcian

Remote Diagnostic Procedure using 5G Connected Ambulance

British Telecom (BT) and University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust (UHB)  demostrated UK’s first remote diagnostic procedure using a 5G connected ambulance.

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5G Use Case - transmit large files resize

Quickly transmit large imaging files

AT&T and Austin Cancer Center, are leveraging 5G for quickly transmitting large imaging files generated from MRI, CAT, or PET scans.

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TeckNexus - 5G use case for healthcare - for hospice

Virtual Reality for Hospice Patients

AT&T and VITAS® Healthcare, the nation’s leading provider of end-of-life care, have launched a study that intends to combine 5G with virtual reality and augmented reality (VR and AR) to test if it can help reduce chronic pain and anxiety for certain hospice patients.

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TeckNexus - 5G use case - remote ultrasound scan

Remote-controlled ultrasound scan over a public 5G network

British Telecom (BT) , University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust (UHB) , Medical Devices Testing and Evaluation Centre (MD-TEC), WM5G and jointly demostrated remote-controlled ultrasound scan over public 5G network.

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