PoCUse CasesCategoriesOwnerDSPVendors
Artificial Intelligence makes Smart BPM SmarterArtificial Intelligence | Closed Loop AutomationTMFKDDI | Orange | Sri Lanka Telecom
Accelerating the shift from Communications Service Providers to Digital Service ProvidersBig Data | Configure, Price & Quote (CPQ) | Conversational AI | Digital | UX Experience | Network Intelligence | Analytics | Order Management & FulfillmentTMFBritish Telecom (BT)
Wirtschaftswunder leveraging 5G for Industry 4.0Industry 4.05G | Automation | Closed Loop Automation | MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing) | Network Slicing | VNFTMFBritish Telecom (BT)
Automated optimization of customer QoEAutomation | Network Operations AutomationTMFAT&T | KDDI | TIM
Automating Network as a ServiceTMF
Blade Runner (TMF)AR / VR | Connected Cars | Industrial IoT | IoT | Remote Industrial Equipment | Smart Cities5G | Artificial Intelligence | Charging & Billing | Closed Loop Automation | MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing) | SDN-NFVTMFAT&T | British Telecom (BT) | Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (du) | NTT Group | Orange | TIM | Verizon | Vodafone
Blockchain UnleashedBlockchain | Identity Management | Mobile Number Portability | Prevention of Phone Theft | SLA MonitoringBlockchain | Identity Management | Mobile Number Portability | Prevention of Phone Theft | SLA Monitoring | Settlement & ReconciliationTMFBritish Telecom (BT) | Globe Telecom | KDDI | Optus | Orange | SingTel | Telefonica | Ultrafast Fiber | Vodafone
CEM/OSS for Hybrid Networks Predictive Analytics & Dynamic offer creationPersonalized OffersCRM | NFV Orchestrator | OSS-BSS | Service AssuranceTMFOoredoo
Delivering Enhanced Customer experience through intelligent robotsRobotic Process AutomationTMFOrange
Digital Organization and Culture TransformationIoTTMFT-Systems
Golden ConfigurationNetwork Assurance | vFirewall | vLoadBalancerTMFVerizon
On-Demand MonetizationIndustrial IoTIoTTMFChina Unicom
Proving the Business Model for Sponsored Network Slices: Mobile GamingeGamingNetwork SlicingTMFNTT Group | Orange
Smart Customer Assistance PlatformArtificial Intelligence | CRM | Conversational AITMFTurk Telecom
Smart City Living LabsSmart CitiesTMFSmart Dublin
Data Anonymization – Phase IIIAPI ManagementTMFAxiata
5G Intelligent Service Planning & Optimization5G | Artificial Intelligence | Closed Loop Automation | Network Assurance | Network Optimization | Network Planning, Discovery & Management | Service AssuranceTMFAT&T | British Telecom (BT) | NTT Group | Orange | TIM
5G Intelligent Service OperationsAR / VR | Drone Management | IoT5G | NFV Orchestrator | Network Assurance | Network Optimization | Network SlicingTMFAT&T | British Telecom (BT) | NTT Group | Orange | TIM | Telenor | Vodafone
5G Value Plus LifestyleAR / VR | eGaming5G | Network SlicingTMFChina Telecom
AI for 5G billing data acceleration5G | Artificial Intelligence | Charging & BillingTMFChina Unicom
Hyperscale Architecture BSS for 5G future5G | OSS-BSSTMFChina Unicom
Digital Personalization Platform for Customer ExperienceBig Data | Digital | UX ExperienceTMFSaudi Telecom Company (STC)
API StoreAPI ManagementTMFChina Unicom
App trading marketplace: a framework for CSP collaborationTelco App StoreAPI Management | Charging & Billing | Product Catalog | SDN-NFV Orchestrator & ControllersTMFDialog | Robi | T-Mobile
DAPP-based Capability Exposure and MarketplaceBlockchainTMFChina Mobile
5G pricing and monetization innovation5G | Charging & BillingTMFChina Mobile | China Telecom
Becoming EDGYAutomation | Edge Data CentersTMFAIS Thailand | Airtel | Globe Telecom | KDDI | Optus | SingTel | Telkomsel
AI for greener Telco5G | Artificial Intelligence | Network Operations AutomationTMFChina Telecom
Glaucus-Precision on Telco DataArtificial Intelligence | Network AssuranceTMFChina Telecom
Real-time Campaign with Big Data Monetization and Open APIArtificial Intelligence | Big DataTMFChina Mobile | Telenor
New Retail – Digital Ecosystem SymphonyeRetailBig Data | CRMTMFChina Telecom | China Unicom
Enabling affordable and quality digital Health ecosystem for more than 1bn liveseHealthTMFAxiata | Icliniq | Jio Digital Life
Digital Business Marketplace – Phase IIIoTIoTTMFAgile Fractal Grid | British Telecom (BT) | NTT Group | T-Mobile | Verizon
Business Operating System (BOS) – an implementation of ODA Core Commerce ManagementOrder Management & Fulfillment | Product CatalogTMFOrange | Vodafone
Blockchain-based Telecom Infrastructure MarketplaceBlockchain | Distributed Ledger TechnologiesTMFOrange | Vodafone
5G Profitable LifecycleAR / VR | Cloud Back-up | Drone Management | IoT | OTT5G | Artificial Intelligence | Network Slicing | Performance ManagementTMFTelefonica
Cognitive Contact Center: Phase IIAPI Management | Artificial Intelligence | CRM | Cognitive Automation | Conversational AI | Robotic Process AutomationTMFTelefonica
Maximizing Engagement with Predictive Customer Journeys Phase IIICRMTMFChina Telecom | Orange | T-Mobile
Mindreader – Phase IIIConnected CommerceCRM | Network & Infra (Virtualized and Physical)MEFTelstra
Driver Connect – Fueling a personalized customer experience with AIConnected Cars | Driver ConnectArtificial IntelligenceTMFJaguar | Landrover
AI LeapArtificial Intelligence | Closed Loop Automation | Network Assurance | Service AssuranceTMFAT&T | British Telecom (BT) | Orange
Blockchain-based 5G Collaboration Economy – Phase II5G | BlockchainTMFChina Telecom | China Unicom
Mobile news gathering using AI powered compressionMedia-TelcoArtificial IntelligenceTMFAljazeera | Associated Press | RTE News
AI indexing for regulatory practiceMedia-TelcoArtificial IntelligenceTMFAljazeera | Associated Press | RTE News
AI for IT & Network Operations (AIOps) – Phase IIINetwork Operations Automation | Operations ManagementTMFChina Mobile | China Telecom | China Unicom | KDDI | PCCW Global | Smart (PLDT) | Telefonica
Machine Learning Engine for Product and Sales Management through Digital ChannelCRM | Robotic Process AutomationTMFClaro (América Móvil)
Proactive Service Assurance via Closed Loop Predictive AI/MLClosed Loop Automation | Service AssuranceTMFEmirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (du) | Sri Lanka Telecom
Smart City Ecosystem Enablement & Business ModelSmart CitiesTMFSaudi Telecom Company (STC)
Connected Citizens: The Smart City Accelerator – Phase IISmart CitiesAPI Management | Automation | Blockchain | IoT | OSS-BSSTMFCABA - Continental Automated Building Association | Metropole Nice | NTT Group | Orange
Open AI Business Assurance Market Place – Phase IIFinancial ScoringRevenue AssuranceTMFBritish Telecom (BT) | Hrvatski Telecom | Orange | T-Mobile
5G-enabled Tourism ExperienceAR / VR | Tourism ExperienceMEC (Multi-access Edge Computing)TMFAardman | BBC R&D
5G Services Validation & Practices5GTMFChina Telecom
5G Operations & MonetizationAR / VR | eGaming5G | Network SlicingTMFChina Mobile
4G & 5G NaaS for B2B & B2I Business Ecosystem5GTMFChina Unicom
Manufacturing Predictive Maintenance using 5GManufacturing5G | Assurance and OptimizationTMFVerizon
5G Optimized Capacity & E2E ExperienceConnected Cars | On-demand VIP conferencing5G | Blockchain | Network Slicing | Service AssuranceTMFBritish Telecom (BT) | Verizon
Skynet – Phase IIDrone Management | eHealth5G | Assurance and OptimizationTMFBritish Telecom (BT) | Chunghwa Telecom | NTT Communications | Orange | T-Mobile | TIM | Telenet | Telus | Verizon | Vodafone
5G Riders on the Storm – Phase IIWeather Emergency Responses5G | Network SlicingTMFA1 Telecom Austria Group | British Telecom (BT) | KDDI | Orange | TIM | Telenor
Digital TwinsTMFGlobe Telecom | KDDI | SingTel
Phoenix Tree: Centralized Big Data PaaS PlatformTMFChina Mobile
Zero Touch Partnering – Phase IIIIoTTMFBritish Telecom (BT) | Vodafone
Fulfillment & Activation of Intercontinental MEF 3.0 Service Spanning Four OperatorsNFV Orchestrator | Order Management & Fulfillment | Testing & QAMEFLiquid Telecom | Sparkle | Tata Communications
Blade Runner – Orchestrated Multi-Domain Augmented RealityAR / VR | Remote Industrial EquipmentClosed Loop Automation | EdgeMEFVerizon | Vodafone
End-to-End Service Orchestration of E-LAN over Multiple Domains via LSO InterludeNFV OrchestratorMEFEurofiber
Pocket-Sized, Model-Driven NetworksOrder Management & FulfillmentMEFVodafone
Self-Service, Agile, Orchestrated CloudlinkSDN-NFVMEFZayo
Multi-Domain, Application-Defined Interconnection OrchestrationEdge | NFV OrchestratorMEFAT&T
Transformation in Action: Harmonizing Delivery of Intent-Based Networks & ServicesSDN-NFVMEFAT&T
MEF 3.0 Implementation for Orchestrated Multilayer Optical TransportMEFCenturyLink | Telefonica | Telus
SDN Orchestration for Edge CloudsEdge | SDN ControllersMEF
Data Science Applications for LSO Architecture-Based Service Fulfillment and AssuranceCognitive Automation | Network AutomationMEFCenturyLink
Machine Learning-Based Elastic Network ServicesClosed Loop Automation | Performance ManagementMEFColt
SD-WAN over Virtualized, Orchestrated Wholesale Carrier Ethernet Access ServiceNFV Orchestrator | SD-WAN & CPE | SASEMEFBringCom | Isocel | SimbaNET
Zero Touch Automation for SD-WAN + SECaaS + Virtual Cloud Exchange (VCX)SD-WAN & CPE | SASEMEFTata Communications
Multi-Vendor Orchestrated SD-WAN: LSO-Enabled Solution With Container-Based uCPEsSD-WAN & CPE | SASEMEFSparkle
Boosting uCPE with SDN/NFV/Legacy CapabilitiesCPE | Network & Infra (Virtualized and Physical)MEFAT&T
Blockchain-Based Carrier Marketplace for LSO SonataBlockchainMEFColt
Federated Inter-Carrier Data-on-Demand Services and Blockchain SettlementBlockchain | Settlement & ReconciliationMEFInfonas | Liquid Telecom | PCCW Global | SingTel | Sparkle | Tata Communications
Dynamic Connectivity and Commerce Enabled by MEF 3.0 and BlockchainBlockchain | OSS-BSS | Service AssuranceMEFColt | PCCW Global | Sparkle | Tata Communications
MEF SOAM for High Value Multi-Operator Carrier Ethernet ServicesOperations Management | Service AssuranceMEFComcast | Cox
Security Assurance in SD-WAN Application Flows (“The Protectors”)SD-WAN & CPE | SASEMEFTata Communications
AI-Driven Federated Domain Operations for Ultra Resilient ServicesNetwork Assurance | Network Automation | Service AssuranceMEF
5G xHaul Sharing as Slices with LSO Orchestration5G | Network SlicingMEFNTT Communications
SD-WAN over Satellite AccessSD-WAN & CPE | SASEMEFCMC Networks | Intelsat
Orchestrated Virtualized Multivendor SD-WAN ServicesSD-WAN & CPE | SASEMEFNTT Communications
Slicing the EdgeAR / VR5G | Network Slicing | SDN-NFVMEFAT&T

5G Ecosystem Landscape

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5G Industry Use Cases

TeckNexus 5G-powered autonomous robot for efficient response to coronavirus

5G-powered robot for responding to coronavirus

SK Telecom and Omron Electronics Korea have jointly developed a  5G-powered autonomous robot to enable a systematic and efficient response against the coronavirus.

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TeckNexus - 5G Use case Healthcare

Remote diagnosis of coronavirus

China Telecom, ZTE and West China Hospital of Sichuan University, conducted remote diagnosis of the coronavirus via 5G based remote video consultation. 

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5G use case - remote theraphy physcian

Remote Diagnostic Procedure using 5G Connected Ambulance

British Telecom (BT) and University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust (UHB)  demostrated UK’s first remote diagnostic procedure using a 5G connected ambulance.

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5G Use Case - transmit large files resize

Quickly transmit large imaging files

AT&T and Austin Cancer Center, are leveraging 5G for quickly transmitting large imaging files generated from MRI, CAT, or PET scans.

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TeckNexus - 5G use case for healthcare - for hospice

Virtual Reality for Hospice Patients

AT&T and VITAS® Healthcare, the nation’s leading provider of end-of-life care, have launched a study that intends to combine 5G with virtual reality and augmented reality (VR and AR) to test if it can help reduce chronic pain and anxiety for certain hospice patients.

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TeckNexus - 5G use case - remote ultrasound scan

Remote-controlled ultrasound scan over a public 5G network

British Telecom (BT) , University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust (UHB) , Medical Devices Testing and Evaluation Centre (MD-TEC), WM5G and jointly demostrated remote-controlled ultrasound scan over public 5G network.

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