Automated Assurance: The key to a successful 5G rollout

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Global Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are investing heavily in their transition from existing 4G networks to 5G networks.

5G networks bring significantly higher capacity, increased bandwidth, lower latency, ultra-high reliability, and support for a much higher connection density than 4G (a million devices per kilometer square vs. ~2000).

While there are many benefits of the 5G networks, deploying and managing 5G is not easy. 5G networks come with significantly high complexity for:

  • Deployment and management of denser networks via a huge number of 5G antennas and Radio Access Network (RAN) hardware components
  • Deployment and management of hybrid LTE-NR, i.e., non-standalone 5G, which uses LTE core & access for the New Radio (NR)
  • Deployment and management of complex architecture consisting of disaggregated network components from multiple ecosystem vendors, in conjunction with network slicing and edge computing
  • Supporting multiple frequency bands, i.e., low, medium, and high spectrum bands
  • Scaling the deployment of network resources as needed to ensure network coverage
  • Management of the network slices and ensuring related service level agreements with the enterprises
  • Real-time visibility into the customer experience across all the services, all the time
  • Management of the high volume of traffic, a large number of connected devices, and capturing data from multiple sources
  • Integration and management of the public and the private networks

CSPs need to overcome the above complexity and challenges to deliver superior 5G service quality and customer experience. It would also allow them to differentiate their 5G services offering from their competition.

So, how do CSPs overcome the above complexity and challenges for deploying, managing, and assuring the 5G networks? The short answer is automated assurance.

40% of the responding CSPs think automation for improving network operations is the top priority for network quality teams.

Source: RADCOM and TeckNexus Online Operator Assurance Survey May 2021

It is becoming apparent to the CSPs that network automation and having real-time end-to-end visibility of their network across all the stages of the 5G network deployment is critical.

As a part of the overall network automation strategy, having an automated, cloud-native assurance solution acting as the independent auditor across all stages of the 5G network, from the lab to full commercial launch providing real-time end-to-end visibility would set the CSPs for a successful rollout of the 5G networks.

This whitepaper focuses on the three critical capabilities that CSPs must have as a part of their assurance solution early on to deliver a superior service quality and customer experience, predictive operations, and highly responsive customer care.

  • Automation
  • Predictive analytics
  • End-to-end monitoring

To get more details, download this 5G Automated Assurance RADCOM report, prepared by TeckNexus.

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