5G Assurance Operator Survey Report | July 2022

Radcom 5G Assurance Operator Surevy 2022 by TeckNexus

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5G Assurance Survey Background

The 5G assurance operator survey was conducted on behalf of RADCOM by TeckNexus.

Gain access to our annual 5G assurance survey that gathers together 100 qualified responses from operators already deploying 5G worldwide. Covering a wide range of topics, including the importance of network automation, predictive analytics, built-in artificial intelligence/machine learning, a cloud-native architecture, NWDAF, public cloud integration, customer experience, a CI/CD development pipeline, multi-data sources, RAN/core correlation, and advanced troubleshooting capabilities. Uncover what operators are looking for in a 5G assurance solution, and how it directly connects with their deployment of 5G networks

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