SCF Open RAN Interfaces & Use Cases – SCF and Jio

A Conversation with Ravi Sinha to get an in-depth perspective on Open RAN from the Small Cell Forum (SCF) perspective. Which O-RAN interfaces SCF is working on? Which use cases SCF is focussing on?
SCF Open RAN Interfaces & Use Cases – SCF and Jio

Open RAN is the 5G infrastructure framework that enables the operator to address one of the challenges related to vendor lockin. Beyond vendor-lockin and open architecture-based adoption, we need to understand and consider many aspects such as:

  • What are the advantages?
  • What are the challenges?
  • What is architecture?
  • What is the reference design?
  • Minimum viable product specifications
  • Complete user plane, control plane, and management plane fabric
  • Supply chain superiority, beyond additional interfaces
  • The complete partnership integration framework
  • Complete test framework
  • Complete certification or badging framework or badging

In short, there are many things engaged in totality when considering an Open RAN-based solution.

If we consider the major organizations or regulatory bodies who started working on it, 3GPP made sure that in terms of building the technology, products, and frameworks, all the specs are in place in their releases 15, 16, 17 18 onwards. But once we start thinking about open RAN, i.e., open source-based architecture, we can see the supply chain superiority in terms where each segment has enough capability to meet requirements.

  • ROI requirements
  • CAPEX requirements
  • Interoperability requirements

Several organizations are working towards the Open RAN architecture, including O-RAN Alliance, SCF, TIP, ONAP, Linux Foundation, and more. But, when we dissect and scan the whole offering to date, many things are missing, e.g.,

  • Virtualization piece or edge piece like a hardware plugin is missing
  • Opening up the pieces of infrastructure management,
  • Opening up pieces of service management
  • Specifications to manage the service launching as a whole where you are managing the servers and managing the auto connectivity infrastructure beneath it.

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Ravi Sinha
Director of product and technology development at JIO

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