SCF and Automotive Industry Use Case – Ravi Sinha

An in-depth Conversation with Ravi Sinha on SCF and Automotive Industry Use Case - Software-Defined Car-Ecosystem with Small Cell Cloud, CV2X - The Airwave (Spectrum), SCN Service Slice - CV2X (Opportunities), Automotive World - CV2X NW status, SCF Cloud-Native Framework for 5G Network Functions and Services.
SCF and Automotive Industry Use Case – Ravi Sinha

Software-Defined Cars are the future of the automotive industry, and a complete ecosystem is a perfect example of how Hyperscalers, MNO, Private and Automotive infra vendors, Smart City County Networks will coordinate and complement each other. This ecosystem will be a perfect multitenant platform to serve Enhanced Autopilot- OTA, Safety, Infotainment Cognitive Analytics, and security needs of SDC.

SCF is interested to contribute to this use case along with the industry partners, where a balanced & distributed 5G NR, Core, Edge infra, and CV2X RSU can share the coordinated common platform with Smart City and Hyperscaler networks.

In this way, the CAPEX has uniformly distributed to all stakeholders and the Automotive platform is fully programable and dynamically configurable as per the requirements. Major modules like EEA, ECU, Mobile applications, Infotainment, Safety, and Security modules are going through a major transformation.

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Ravi Sinha
Director of product and technology development at JIO

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